Big Bang Theory Recap – The Stag Convergence

All of those who were worried that Howard’s potentially wild bachelor party would be the doom of his and Bernadette’s relationship fretted for naught – Thursday’s “The Stag Convergence” resulted in a stronger union than ever for the unlikely but adorable pint-sized pair. In fact, I shall be so bold

Happy Fringe Friday – FRINGE IS RENEWED!

Hey there, my lovely Fringe fans!  Last night, the interwebs were abuzz with the news that, at long last, Fringe has been renewed by Fox for a final, 13-episode season. And there was much rejoicing!!!!!!!!!! These fine actors will be coming to you for what will hopefully be a wonderful

Book Review: The Company of the Dead

The Company of the Dead by David J. Kowalski.Publisher: Titan Books. Available now.Purchase here: Paperback | Kindle. Considering our particular love for Fringe, Doctor Who, and other stories of the kind, it should be no surprise to anyone that we’re interested in stories about alternate histories and changing timelines –

Fringe Recap: “Letters of Transit”

They promised us insanity, and they gave us insanity!  Friday’s game-changing episode, “Letters of Transit,” was one hell of an outing and one of the best Fringe episodes to date. Are you renewing this show yet, Fox???!!??  It’s damn awesome!  But we know this. Now, onward to recap!

Welcome to the few-cha, brotha! (insert Desmond’s Scottish accent here.) It’s the year 2036, and the Observers are our supreme overlords. They apparently landed in 2016, four years from our current timeline, and proceeded to take over the world because they’d destroyed their own (bye-bye oceans…). Humans were either summarily executed or forced to submit.  The Fringe Division still exists, but it’s to police the Natives (what human survivors are called) and it’s run by Broyles wearing old makeup! He’s pretty grumpy about the whole thing, and I don’t blame him – as the new and exciting credits tell us, in this society, fringe concepts are joy, freedom, imagination, community, free will…sounds like a super fun place. There are also Loyalists, who are basically the Third Reich, policing their own people in military uniforms with Observer symbols tattooed on their cheeks.  We first meet Etta, a young, blonde Fringe agent, as she makes contact in an Observer club with a black market dealer named Rick.  Rick has found one Walter Bishop, frozen in amber – seemingly at his own hand.  Etta hops into his van to check out this discovery, and Rick is gunned down before he can tell her where the rest of Walter’s team (a man and a woman) are located. Etta thinks that finding them is the key to the resistance – she is not fond of her supreme overlords.

Fringe team partners Etta and Simon

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Fringe Double Recap: “Everything In Its Right Place” & “The Consultant”

Sup, Fringe lovers! After watching the Lincoln Lee exclusive outing, I knew last week’s recap was gonna be a short one, so I decided to give you one big happy recap. And good thing too, since Friday’s “The Consultant” dovetailed right in to “Everything In Its Right Place”. Some crazy stuff went down, so settle in and hang on!

Lincoln’s episode, “Everything In Its Right Place” saw our lost and wandering Agent Lee traversing the universes, looking for his rightful place. He decided to spend some time Over There, because his Olivia, now Peter’s Olivia, didn’t remember anything about their friendship and that made his sad, sad eyes even sadder. He got caught up finding a vigilante shape-shifter taking down the bad guys of Gotham…ahem, Manhatan (one T!), and we found out that Batman is called Mantis on the Other Side.  Really, that is sad. Anyway, said vigilante shape-shifter was one of Jones’ first, named Canaan (how Biblical). When the two Lincolns and Fauxlivia finally captured his ass, DRJones was hip to the prisoner transport thanks to turncoat Broyles. Jones sent an assassin, and Captain Lincoln Lee got caught in the crosshairs. Poor thing didn’t even get to die on screen!  A shame, too, because I liked Captain Lee and his cocky ‘tude. Our Lincoln wondered how the two turned out so different if they grew up in the same environment, to which the dear departed Captain Lee responded that his universe needed him, and couldn’t get along without him. He found confidence in being needed. Well, good thing there are two Lincolns to go around, because Captain Lee won’t be joining us any longer. Poor Fauxlivia. I think she loved him. Lincoln decided to stay Over There, because red hair is just as good as blonde, and Fauxlivia might need some comforting. Wink wink. Anyway, Canaan decided to turn on his creator and led us straight to nasty Nina Sharp, who was subsequently arrested.  One bad guy in lockdown!

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Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack

Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard? Oh, hell yes! Right on the heels of the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut announcement, news of the first post-launch DLC has dropped.  The Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack, a multiplayer expansion set, will add new maps, characters, equipment, and weapons to the already popular, chaotic, and

Bungie Bids Farewell to the Series that Made Them Famous

As of yesterday, Bungie finally and officially bid farewell to Master Chief.  While the development duties of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and the upcoming Halo 4 were already brought under the banner of 343 Industries, Bungie still controlled all the stat-collecting on, until yesterday. To commemorate the occasion, Bungie

Fringe Recap: Nothing As It Seems

Fringe opened up a whole new pool of possibility with this week’s episode, “Nothing As It Seems”. I think the title is a very obvious warning that things are about to get crazier than a couple of mutated porcupine men!  Which is what we saw in this revisit to an