The Big Bang Theory Recap – The Weekend Vortex

Greetings, Fridge readers!  Time for your necessary dose of TV fun, brought to you today by the Big Bang Theory. In addition to all of the Fringe goodies I bring y’all, I’ve decided to take on everyone’s favorite geek brigade in my recapping duties. This week’s outing, a much-needed new episode while everything else is on winter break, was hilarious as usual and a bit more emotional and poignant than we sometimes get from the Big Bang crew.

“The Weekend Vortex” began with typical stair-climbing banter, as Raj suggested that the guys get together for an old-school marathon gaming session of the new Star Wars MMO. Leonard and Howard were immediately onboard, recalling days of yore when the neighbors called the cops “because of the smell. They thought we were dead.” Simon Helberg has such pitch perfect delivery that I am still laughing over that one.  They entered the apartment and told Sheldon of their idea, who then bounced in his spot for joy over all things Star Wars. One problem: Amy was there, and she reminded Sheldon that he’d promised to go to her aunt’s 93rd birthday party and meet her family.  The relationship agreement did not come down in Sheldon’s favor, as Amy had followed all instructions for securing his attendance. As Sheldon might say, danger danger!

Sheldon was lamenting his ‘girl problems’ at the comic book shop later, leading Howard (who really shouldn’t talk, whipped as he is by the women in his life) to put his iPhone-whip-sound app to good use. Sheldon, who I think acts ignorant on purpose sometimes to turn an insult to his advantage, responded with, “I am smart as a whip! I should be able to figure this out!”

When Sheldon genially climbed into Amy’s car to head to her aunt’s party, I knew he was about to be a huge jerk. He pulled his laptop out, telling her he was going to game at the party, and she became extremely disappointed, telling him that he might as well not attend. Sheldon took this at face value instead of realizing his error, and leapt out of the car to continue his guy’s weekend. Amy showed up later at Penny’s, utterly dejected at how Sheldon failed to come through for her. Penny told her there was one foolproof way of making Sheldon see the error of his ways: the art of making a scene.

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