Big Bang Theory Recap – The Transporter Malfunction

Thursday’s Big Bang Theory outing was full of Star Trek love, just the way I like it!  As a repayment for always eating their food, Penny gives Sheldon and Leonard matching mint-in-box Star Trek: The Original Series transporter toys. Hilarity ensues, as it usually does, when Tiny Spock – Sheldon’s Spock action figure – comes to Sheldon in a dream and speaks to him, telling him to open and play with the toy.  Leonard Nimoy managed to appear on BBT without actually appearing in the flesh, but his action figure, in its various poses, managed to convey his presence all the same.

Of course, Sheldon opens his toy because Spock commanded it be so, and he promptly broke it’s swirly transporter function with his enthusiasm. Horrified at what he had done (as were many of us Trek collectors…ahhh!), he switched his toy with Leonard’s, hoping that since Leonard would never open it, he would never know.  His conscience gets the better of him in another dream, with Tiny Spock telling him to do the right thing. Sheldon tosses Tiny Spock away in the dream (where his bed is amusingly perched in a replica of a cheesy Original Series planet set, complete with foam rocks) and is besieged by a Gorn for his trouble – “No! Help me, Tiny Spock!”

Aside from his pesky Vulcan conscience, Sheldon didn’t count on another thing: the Penny factor. She convinces Leonard to open the toy and enjoy it, and he finds it quite broken.  Sheldon, unable to actually lie convincingly, finally comes out with the truth after many fibs. He gives Leonard his unbroken toy back, aww personal growth!  Forced by Spock, but still. I find it very endearing and adorable that Sheldon can’t lie. It will prevent him from one day becoming a supervillain.

While I enjoyed the Sheldon/Spock primary story, Raj’s subplot involving a date set up by his parents was really unfortunate. First, his parents thought he was coming out to them because he “enjoys women and their haircare products.” They are still beating this is-he-or-isn’t-he-gay? dead horse with a stick? Really??? REALLY? From the most-watched comedy on TV, it’s starting to get insulting to men everywhere. This crap is just not cool or funny anymore, Bill Prady. When Raj’s very cute Indian girl, Lakshmi, turned out to be a lesbian looking for a sham marriage to get her parents off her back, I found that an interesting turn of events, but it was promptly ruined when Raj actually started to consider it! How insulting to Raj’s character.  He’s really a nice guy, and they need to give him something else to do besides poke fun at his metrosexuality (or even if he is gay, quit mocking it) and his inability to talk to women. Figure out some way around the talking to girls problem! I’m sure these four geniuses could devise a way to solve it!  And to make matters worse, after Howard and Bernadette gifted poor lonely Raj with a tiny puppy (dawwww it was so cute!), Bernadette rolled her eyes and said “metrosexual my ass” after Raj went off to see if the puppy fit in his man bag. Geez.

My thoughts: Not really sure what the writers are attempting to accomplish with Raj. Maybe they are trying to say that Raj is a gay straight man and his friends need to deal with it, or maybe they are saying he’s still deep in the closet of denial. Either way, the way they are going about it is insulting. No like! Love Sheldon as usual, and love Leonard Nimoy even more for lending his time to the TV character who adores him most!!

Nerd notes: If Sheldon is so worked up about mint-in-box condition, why was Tiny Spock out of his box?  It’s definitely the older 70’s action figure, since he fits in the transporter. Perhaps Sheldon has a Spock in-box, and this is his Spock that he can play with, and send him on fun away missions!  Perhaps yours truly has employed this system for her Captain Janeway action figures…

Episode Rating: only 6 out of 10 soft kitties, which it pains me to do for our Leonard Nimoy appearance. I was going to give it 5, but there was a cute puppy at the end!

Next week’s episode with feature the amazing Stephen Hawking…can’t wait! I expect great things befitting a great man!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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