Fringe Recap: A Short Story About Love

On Friday, Fringe returned from its winter hiatus with 10% awesome and 90% lame.  Are we really reverting back to freak-of-the-week when there is SO MUCH GOING ON???  I have to say, I was pretty displeased with “A Short Story About Love,” which had a burned/disfigured dude melting down husbands for pheromones and then killing their wives after getting one kiss out of them.  This sicko was just someone I couldn’t even look at whenever he was on screen, plus his preferred method of plastic wrap smothering was also ghoulish and I had to look away.  This case mostly provided Lincoln with an opportunity to make eyes at Olivia and ask if she was ok, since her memories are being replaced and all.  Olivia and Lincoln caught our little freak of the week, and he said he could smell the stench of love on Olivia. Gross, man.

Thankfully, Walter was around to save the day – he set things in motion as he caught Peter on the way to the bus, stopping him from leaving Boston and Olivia, who he believed he was hurting just by being in her presence.  Walter realized that a teddy bear cam he’d gotten from ‘the interwebs’ to spy on the cleaning crew caught the entire Observer interlude in the lab!  Pretty awesome!  We saw the Observer just disappearing into thin air from the gurney, but the fact that a table was knocked over led Water to investigate further.  He requisitioned a bit of tech that slows down video to the extreme, and we were able to get a glimpse of the other Observers popping out from space-time to rescue September.

Before they could spirit him away entirely, he flashed Peter in the eye with some device. Not really sure how Peter could miss something in his EYE (sooo uncomfortable) for over a week or whatever, but it had 28 1/2 Morrow Street written on it. And Peter was off and running to the Observer bachelor pad of the now!  Interesting clues awaited us, along with spare hats, umbrellas, and trench coats.  Peter’s discovery of some Observer tech led him to the forest, where another cylinder awaited him.

He took it home to conduct some tests, but it lit up all on its own, casting a shaft of light upward. And bam! Observer in his house! All healed of his gunshot wound, looking brand-spanking-new, and giving out answers. First, September thanked Peter for revealing the universe to him again; apparently those jerks hid it from him to prevent further tampering. I see their point, but those are harsh terms! He already changed the course of things forever. September’s big reveal was that Peter was indeed in the right place all along. This was his universe, his timeline, his Walter, and most importantly, his Olivia.  Their love was so strong it pulled him back from oblivion and total erasure, and now Olivia is remembering. September disappeared from whence he’d come, and Peter dashed over to Olivia’s apartment where they rushed into each other’s arms and kissed. Dawwww.

Ok, so NOW WHAT?

Now that we’ve solved the Mystery of Peter’s Missing Universe, we really need to get back to the issues at hand (and NOT freaks of the week).  The blue universe and the red universe are forever changed from what we saw in seasons 1 through 3. Walter and Olivia have had different trajectories, Walternate is no longer evil, Fauxlivia never got knocked up, and the future is going to be much different than what we saw in the season 3 finale when Peter stepped into the machine. It’s as if everything has been broken and put back together in a slightly different configuration.  Peter is the only person (aside from Observers, I guess) that actually knows what’s going on.  Does this mean that the Observer’s prediction to 3livia (because she still wasn’t our Olivia yet) in the opera house is still true?  Does she still have to die to bring peace to the universes?  She remains the only one who can cross between worlds, although she has yet to do it in this timeline.

David Robert Jones is still out there, wreaking havoc, and to what end?  He seems to have a bigger plan than just crashing the two universes together. I also maintain that we don’t know for sure that he’s always in one of the two known universes – blue (Over Here) and red (Over There).  He could be crossing into yet another universe.  September did say that this universe had been hidden from him, implying there was more than just the one other. I’m thinking they might go crazy and add a third universe now that they’ve abandoned this one as potentially being an alternate timeline.

Is Walter going to start remembering?  I feel like he already is, caring enough about Peter to prevent him from leaving Boston. It would be nice if he retained full memory of the last few seasons, he’s grown a great deal as a character.

Lincoln was all sad-eyed and mournful. This is the kind of thing that turns people into lunatic murderers, losing their lady love (see: this week’s nutjob; all other freaks of the week on Fringe, ever).  Hopefully he won’t go rogue and cause all sorts of problems, but it would be a good change-up! What if he wants HIS Olivia back and will STOP AT NOTHING?! Peter will deliver the smackdown on you, son.

Did you catch it?  This episode was full of Fringe self-references.  White tulips on the table at Olivia and Nina’s brunch, ‘White Rabbit‘ playing in the background at the lab, Scooby Doo playing on a TV over Walter’s shoulder…very nicely done. Symbolism will get you everywhere!

Glyph Code: QUILL. Um, ok. Guess we will figure that one out later.

Episode Rating: 5 Red Vines, strictly for Peter and the Observer. Rest of ep: 0 Red Vines! Hated it.

Next week’s episode title: Nothing As It Seems. OOOOOO! I like.

One more thing: did you know that September is played by Tony-winner Michael Cerveris?  Yes, he is a crazy-talented, singing and dancing Broadway star!  He’s been in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Assassins, Sweeney Todd, and many others, all in starring roles. He’ll be on Broadway this summer in the revival of Evita as Juan Peron!  Who KNEW???!  I didn’t, until just this week.  That is so cool. Google and YouTube him, and you will get some pretty insane photos and videos that are a far cry from the stone-faced September we know and love.

Stay tuned for the Fringe ENTIRE SERIES SUMMARY to end all summaries!  I aim to unravel all the confusatory Fringe notions and give you a clear picture of where we stand now. 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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