Doctor Who News: The Ponds’ Farewell and The Doctor’s Newest Companion

As previously announced, this season will mark the bittersweet end of Amy Williams Pond’s and Rory Pond Williams’s time-traveling stint with the Eleventh Doctor on the legendary BBC series, Doctor Who.

We finally have a few new (albeit scant) details regarding the next season series, including the actress taking the role that Karen Gillan’s lovely legs are leaving behind.

Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat and Jenna-Louise Coleman

First up:  25-year-old Jenna-Louise Coleman will be hopping into the TARDIS to follow Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor during this year’s Christmas Special.  Coleman is known best for her appearances on British soap opera Emmerdale, but her other credits include a recurring role on Waterloo Road and a small part in last year’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

In a BBC press conference earlier today, Executive Producer Steven Moffat said that Coleman’s character would “lead [the Doctor] on his merriest dance yet,” which is good news, since the Doctor’s time with the Ponds, while outstanding, have been — shall we say — dark.

The upcoming series will be 14 episodes long, with 6 episodes later this year, followed by the Christmas Special introducing Coleman’s character, with the closing 8 episodes in 2013.  Amy Pond will bid farewell in episode 5, as Moffat revealed.  It sounds like it won’t be sunshine and rainbows for the the Ponds:  “Amy & Rory will leave in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels in episode 5. Not everyone gets out alive, and I mean it this time.”

It looks like there’s a lot of change headed in the way for the 900-year-old time traveler.  Doctor, I hope you’re ready for it.

Written by: Dwight Tejano

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