Big Bang Theory: A Very Special Guest Star

This news is incredible by any standard: renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking will guest star on the Big Bang Theory!  I can’t imagine a more amazing person appearing on the series!  It is actually kind of insane that the show has this much notoriety and pull. One of the greatest living minds of our time will be coming to visit Dr. Sheldon Cooper! Yahoo has the story here and Mayim Bialik (with a Ph.D. herself) tweeted that she “cried when she met him”.  There have been reports of his declining health in recent months, and I’m very happy he’s traveling and making an appearance on my favorite show! This is history-making, folks.

Talk about validating Sheldon’s work – I’m sure he’ll never stop talking about this one. Not to mention that Hawking guest starrred on Star Trek: The Next Generation – Sheldon is going to explode with joy!

Hawking’s episode airs April 5. After Nimoy’s appearance on March 29 and now this, I’m fairly certain that Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre could die happy. They have no limits – Big Bang just can’t be stopped!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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