The Story So Far: The World According to Fringe

Welcome to my entire series summary of Fringe, for the new, the uninitiated, and those in need of a refresher. There’s a new episode tonight (that you should watch!), but it can be intimidating to jump into it this late in the game. This series summary will give you the entire story so far over the past four seasons – and, trust me, there’s a lot of ground to cover.  Grab a Walter-approved snack of your choice (pastries or fudgsicles will do nicely), sit back and immerse yourself in the crazy world of Fringe!


The FBI’s Fringe Division exists to track instances of The Pattern, aka Weird Science and Technology That Shouldn’t Be Running Amok But Is.  If you watch the opening credits, there are all sorts of words flying around like ‘teleportation’, ‘psychokinesis’, ‘nanotechnology’, ‘cybernetics’ and the like. There are also shapeshifters, let’s keep those in the back of our minds. It’s all very X-Files minus the aliens.  Fringe eventually abandons The Pattern when the Fringe Division realizes that The Pattern = instances of another universe breaking through (which we discover at the end of season 1) and the problems that arise because the proverbial ‘wall’ between the universes is breaking down, creating all sorts of havoc in space, time, and physical matter.  This leads to Over Here (the universe we currently inhabit) and Over There (which is similar but still very different in new and interesting ways). [Note: everyone we see Over Here has a counterpart Over There, whether they are living or dead. This is very important to grasp.]

Fringe cast, L-R: Astrid, Broyles, Walter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Nina Sharp, Lincoln Lee

PS: A very special welcome to Open the Fridge for all my Sistahs from my Henry Ian Cusick fan group!  Ian’s upcoming guest spot on the show will be introducing some very lovely ladies to Fringe, and I’m happy to catch everyone up. Cheers!

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Review: Heart

Heart, Author Blair Butler; Artist Kevin Mellon; Letterer Crank! Review spans issues 1-4. When I had first heard about Heart, I wasn’t sure I’d like it.  Sure, I’d watch the occasional MMA bout at a bar with friends, but I certainly didn’t have enough knowledge of the sport to have

Review: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Nickelodeon’s Avatar universe is back with Avatar: The Legend of Korra and, boy, does it have a lot to live up to. From the second that Avatar: The Last Airbender ended, fans have been clamoring for more. Thankfully, Nickelodeon has finally delivered. In spades. Full spoilers follow!

In The Legend of Korra, 70 years have passed since Avatar Aang united the four bending nations and brought peace to the world. In that time, Avatar Aang has come and gone, leaving a legacy for the world in Republic City, intended to be a bastion of unity in the new world. With society and technology advancing over 70 years, the culture has evolved into a wonderful amalgam of Steampunk/1920s/Bending culture, with Republic City at the heart of this change. The creators could have easily settled into something familiar, but they were wise to evolve the world, as this new environment provides a perfect backdrop for our new Avatar, Korra.

Korra is also the definition of spitfire. She is headstrong and a gifted fighter, already proficient in earth, fire, and water bending. However, despite her being older than Aang was when we followed his journey in The Last Airbender, she lacks the calm, focus, and maturity that Aang had even as a youth, qualities that an Avatar is supposed to possess. And that is recipe for some gloriously funny interactions, such as the notable exchange when she is being interrogated by Lin Beifong, Toph’s daughter and the Republic City chief of police.

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Fringe Recap: A Short Story About Love

On Friday, Fringe returned from its winter hiatus with 10% awesome and 90% lame.  Are we really reverting back to freak-of-the-week when there is SO MUCH GOING ON???  I have to say, I was pretty displeased with “A Short Story About Love,” which had a burned/disfigured dude melting down husbands for pheromones and then killing their wives after getting one kiss out of them.  This sicko was just someone I couldn’t even look at whenever he was on screen, plus his preferred method of plastic wrap smothering was also ghoulish and I had to look away.  This case mostly provided Lincoln with an opportunity to make eyes at Olivia and ask if she was ok, since her memories are being replaced and all.  Olivia and Lincoln caught our little freak of the week, and he said he could smell the stench of love on Olivia. Gross, man.

Thankfully, Walter was around to save the day – he set things in motion as he caught Peter on the way to the bus, stopping him from leaving Boston and Olivia, who he believed he was hurting just by being in her presence.  Walter realized that a teddy bear cam he’d gotten from ‘the interwebs’ to spy on the cleaning crew caught the entire Observer interlude in the lab!  Pretty awesome!  We saw the Observer just disappearing into thin air from the gurney, but the fact that a table was knocked over led Water to investigate further.  He requisitioned a bit of tech that slows down video to the extreme, and we were able to get a glimpse of the other Observers popping out from space-time to rescue September.

Before they could spirit him away entirely, he flashed Peter in the eye with some device. Not really sure how Peter could miss something in his EYE (sooo uncomfortable) for over a week or whatever, but it had 28 1/2 Morrow Street written on it. And Peter was off and running to the Observer bachelor pad of the now!  Interesting clues awaited us, along with spare hats, umbrellas, and trench coats.  Peter’s discovery of some Observer tech led him to the forest, where another cylinder awaited him.

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First Image of Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

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Big Bang Theory: A Very Special Guest Star

This news is incredible by any standard: renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking will guest star on the Big Bang Theory!  I can’t imagine a more amazing person appearing on the series!  It is actually kind of insane that the show has this much notoriety and pull. One of the greatest

Fringe: Breaking News!!

Holy strawberry-flavored poptarts, Fringe fans!  Michael Ausiello’s TVLine just upgraded Fringe from ‘could go either way’ to ‘a safe bet’ on the renewal front!  OH HAPPY DAY! Season five, here we come! Can you tell that I’m just a little EXCITED BEYOND ALL REASON?  I was all set to launch