Fringe Recap: The End of All Things

In case you forgot what happened last time, Olivia is missing, y’all! Peter and Lincoln go hunting for clues and find the surveillance camera in Olivia’s apartment; Peter takes it back to the lab for a look-see and they find the face of  Massive Dynamic employee embedded deep in the data layers. The FBI database says he died years ago – he must be from Over There!  And he’s not the only one.

Meanwhile, David Robert Jones is holding 3livia and Nina, and says he wants Olivia to activate her full abilities. He tortures Nina to get 3livia to light up the box with her mind.  She can’t do it and insists she needs to rest. Burning question: Is this OUR Olivia?  Can her consciousness jump timelines because it can’t yet jump universes?  Is this is effect of the Cortexiphan in this reality?

Observer convention in Boston, as several of them converge in a public square. September is in big trouble for all the interfering with Peter and they need to find him.

Back at FBI headquarters, Nina denies to Broyles and Lincoln that she entered the vault…no one seems to think that it could have been AltNina, popping over the bridge to secretly inject Olivia with Cortexiphan. AltNina is indeed the devil woman Walter thinks she is!

Peter and Walter are still trying to figure out how to find Olivia and free her from the clutches of DRJones when BAM! Observer in the lab out of nowhere! September is back, and says that Jones’ objective is the same (shifters, crossing over, exploding universes, etc) but before they can discuss that too much, he falls over, seriously injured from the gunshot wound just like when we last saw him at the opera house. Walter and Peter try to help; Peter knows the Observer has the goods on where Olivia went. He decides to hook into September’s mind and find out.

Meanwhile, AltNina is lying to Olivia about their past – Olivia asks for a memory of their relationship and we find out later that she’s wrong. Olivia still remembers both lives!  But for now, she says she needs a strong emotional connection to make her powers work – she needs Peter. AltNina fakes internal distress and is whisked away by Jones & henchmen.  She hops off the gurney once she’s out of Olivia’s sight and we see she is working with him (the same Nina who typed ‘she’s almost ready’ to Jones via the Dharma computer).

The whole universe is in a hot dense state…

Observer in the lab! With the wires in his head! Inside September’s mind, Peter stands in the Observation Lounge of the Starship Enterprise (hey it totally looks like that!). He sees things the way the Observers do – out of time and space. He sees the Big Bang (didn’t it remind you of the theme song for the Big Bang Theory, zooming through human history? We built a Wall we built the Pyramids!); he asks what the Observers are. September says he is part of a future scientific team; that they are one possible outcome for the future of humanity and they observe important events in human history. September interfered by accident, because he wanted to witness Walternate creating the cure for Peter’s illness and inadvertently distracted him. Our Walter was never supposed to interfere and created a hole and, thus, the war between the universes. Peter was supposed to grow up with his own biological parents and never meet Fauxlivia, and never create their son Henry. Henry was born to the wrong Olivia – he should have been born to our Olivia. September thought Peter using the machine would have fixed things, but he popped back into the picture again, which September cannot explain other than he thinks Peter has been given another chance to set things right. The Observation Lounge shakes and September says “they are coming” and tells Peter to “go home” if he wants to find Olivia. September then disappears from the lab as Peter wakes up.

[SIDEBAR: THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, THOUGH, because if Peter was supposed to stay with his bio-parents, he wouldn’t have met our Olivia, he would have stayed in the red universe indefinitely. Unless Olivia was always meant to cross over and find Peter, or he her. Who knows what Walter would have done if he hadn’t stolen Peter?  I think they will explain this, given time.]

Peter’s going home, to his house, did in fact lead him to Olivia – he got smacked over the head and dragged there by Jones’ henchman! Olivia’s response to seeing Peter tied to the chair was immediate – she called Nina out on her fake memory and not only lit up the box, but the electricity in both rooms.  You won’t like her when she’s angry, boys!  She freed Peter, but not in time to stop Jones and Nina from busting open another hole in the universe and crossing over.  She even shoots Jones in the neck, but with no effect since he’s been reassembled at the atomic level (ew, man. gross). She tells Peter she loves him, but he realizes it isn’t really “his Olivia” and tells her he needs to stay away from her. Olivia makes a sad face and Peter insists that he needs to get home. I agree!  I miss strawberry-flavored death Walter, and Gene the cow.

Yep, Olivia did that. With her MIND.

Episode Rating: 8 out of 10 Red Vines! I love anything with Observers, yo.

Glyph Code: UNITE. The universes? The timelines? The two Olivias? Ahhh!

Obviously, this episode raised so many more questions than it answered (namely, why is Henry so dang important? Baby as savior of universes is not a cool plot device, writers! Consider yourselves warned).  Just like X-Files used to! I love it. I know it makes some viewers crazy when this happens, but as I have grown up watching befuddling and awesome scifi, sometimes not having all the answers makes for better storytelling. Also, it will keep us all hooked and eagerly awaiting the last episodes of the season, as well as a hopeful season 5! I really want Peter to get home to his Walter and Olivia…poor guy has suffered enough.

I’m working on a big Fridge post, explaining all the timelines and where we are to date. Stay tuned to Open The Fridge for some brilliant conjecture and a full-on refresher Fringe course!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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