Fringe Recap Combo: Enemy of My Enemy & Forced Perspective

Hello, Fringesters!  I’ve decided to combine the last two weeks of Fringe into one recap because the Glyph Code has deemed them linked: the glyphs from last week’s Enemy of My Enemy spelled out DEATH, and this week’s glyphs for Forced Perspective spelled out MARCH.  Death march.  Creepy, no?  My thoughts on these episodes and who exactly is marching toward their death shall commence right now!

Enemy of My Enemy was rife with the presence of David Robert Jones, who willingly allowed himself to be brought into Fringe Division custody.  He requested of Fauxlivia and Captin Lee to be taken to their leader – Broyles, of course, who is in on this whole thing with him. We also saw Broyles pumping a syringe full of some unknown, evil-looking yellow substance and heading down to the broom closet where Lincoln3 is being held. He was thankfully intercepted by Jones’ arrival at Fringe headquarters. I very much like Lincoln3, he is my favorite incarnation of this character.  Although he did get a little uppity with Peter, moodily reminding him that “I lost a partner!” Peter’s reply was emotionally charged and extremely annoyed: “I lost a UNIVERSE!” Damn straight, son. Peter wins the ‘my life sucks’ contest.  

After Jones proved to the Fringe team that he has a vast network of evildoers/shapeshifters at his disposal capable of harming the public (we saw a hospital ER be taken down by a gas-dispersing, flesh-melting bomb of some sort), the Fringe team let him go, albeit with a tracker implanted in his system. This plan was soon thwarted as Jones flung tracker-tagged money to a crowd during the lunch rush, and we saw Broyles staring at his black getaway car, allowing his escape. We get to see the team, from both sides of the Universe Bridge and poor timeline-less Peter, banding together to stop Jones. Their work pays off and they get to Mohonk Quarry in time for a shootout with Jones’ henchmen, but not in time to stop Jones from crossing back over with a truckload of that universe-hole-blowing substance.  We did get a cool visual of 3livia’s SUV with the front chopped off as she narrowly avoided the doorway closing on her.  Back at Fringe headquarters, Walternate had brought everyone from both sides together around one table to affirm the necessity of tracking down and stopping Jones and his merry band of shapeshifters, and this time they’ve got something he hadn’t counted on – Peter!

In the most touching scene of the episode, alt-Elizabeth, Walternate’s wife, crosses over to convince Walter to help Peter.  Their scene was powerful and touching, and gave Walter the bit of healing he needed to move forward.  He showed up at Peter’s house later that night to give him the good news, which nearly brought Peter to tears. Peter echoed Walternate’s statement from the previous episode, and told Walter that he was exactly the man he thought he’d be. So sweet!  Glad that Walter has ditched the stubbornness. It was getting a tad old.

The episode wound up with Jones sitting down and typing at a Dharma computer that Phase 1 was complete, and we see Nina typing back that she’s working on Phase 2, and “she’ll be ready soon” – which we can only assume is 3livia and the potential cortexiphan that Nina is either injecting her with or trying to activate.


Great, solid episode with a lot of set-up for the future.  We needed all that background and new info on Jones, and we needed Walter back on our side.

-I rewatched the epsiode to write my recap, and was writing, not looking at the screen, for the final group scene at Fringe HQ. I could tell which Olivia was which just by listening to their voices and intonation. Mad props to Anna Torv!

-Another thing: is Astrid even more pathetic in this timeline, or is it me?  Helping Walter melt pastrami? Ew. They pay her for this?  

-I liked Jones’ line to Peter: “It appears you’ve run out of time.” Heh. Buddy, you have NO IDEA. (OR DOES HE?)

And now for Forced Perspective:

This week’s Fringe featured a lot of death – a girl who could foresee death and 3livia contemplating her own mortality after hearing the Observer’s dire warning that she must die in every version of the future. 3livia starts out the episode by searching the Fringe files for sightings of the Observer, and lets us know that there were traces of antibodies from the Spanish flu in the blood sample she gave Astrid.  I am pleased that 3livia thought to take a sample from the chair in the Orpheum theater, since we now know that September has been an Observer since at least 1919! Pretty cool tidbit of info, if you ask me. 

What was not cool was 3livia lying to Peter about September making contact!  That seems like necessary information for Peter to have, since it was Olivia’s death in the future that caused him to bridge the Universes. I can understand why she’d want to keep it to herself, but dang. Peter knows things! Use that skill, would ya? Peter did still manage to freak her out in telling that the Observers are “not wrong” pretty much ever, since they experience time differently. Sad face.

I feel that the main plot of the episode involving Emily, harbinger of death, was merely a means to an end for the Fringe writing team, and was also snitched from Minority Report just a bit – precogs, traumatic future events rippling backwards, etc. Emily senses a kindred spirit in 3livia, as they were both test subjects of Massive Dynamic, and allows the Fringe team to stop a bombing at a local courthouse. 3livia’s impassioned plea about she doesn’t want to die today gave the suicide bomber pause, and he was subdued.  This vision led to Emily’s death, a stroke brought on by her own abilities. The young actress did very well with this scene, and Emily met her death with quiet acceptance, sitting on a park bench next to a lovely lake with her father at her side and 3livia looking on.  She marveled that perhaps she was put on earth for a purpose and, having saved so many lives, had fulfilled her purpose and could now die. This really, really does not bode well for Olivia in any timeline. It seems that her slow ‘death march’ has begun.

The last scene involved a relieved and happy-to-be-alive 3livia telling Nina that she was the closest thing she had to a mother, she loves her, and she was sorry for freaking out about being a test subject earlier in the episode.  To which I say, RUN AWAY FROM THE EVIL CRAZY LADY!  Talk about misplaced trust and creepy evil Nina, popping up to cheerfully make 3livia some soup, and saying she’ll send over a new drug that MD is testing for migraines. ::shudder:: Like taking anything Nina gives you is a good idea. The Observer stands outside the apartment, reminding us the end is nigh. 


-Was the lake house where Emily remembered being happy situated on Reiden Lake? That place is seriously out of balance.

Doc Jensen over at EW thinks 3livia is a shapeshifter and doesn’t know it yet. Could be, since she’s getting injections, much like the Asian woman, Nadine, who works for Jones needed to stay alive.  I don’t necessarily agree, as I think 3livia is going to do something with the machine, perhaps dying in order to send Peter back to his timeline. Remember that ancient drawing of Olivia, the counterpart to Peter with the flames coming out of his eyes?  What if it was 3livia, saving Peter and fixing the timelines? Nina’s evil plot will backfire since 3livia’s caring and self-sacrificing nature will win out. Oooo! I want to be right!

-I think Broyles is probably a shapeshifter, like Brandon, and Walternate will figure it out and zap him in the face! That would be great. Evil Broyles is evil. Fauxlivia and Captain Lee are bound to catch on soon.

Enemy of My Enemy: 8 out of 10 Red Vines

Forced Perspective: 6 out of 10 Red Vines

Stayed tuned for next week’s “Making Angels”! 

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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