Golden Globe Predictions 2012!

The Golden Globes are nearly upon us, kicking off the 2012 award season with a salute to both movies and television.  I’ve always liked that about the Globes – unlike the Oscars, they are equal opportunity entertainment for both the big and small screens. Time for my predictions in the major TV categories!

Best Drama Nominees: American Horror Story, Boardwalk Empire, Boss, Game of Thrones, and Homeland.  I am personally rooting for Game of Thrones, which possesses an epic quality rarely seen on television in terms of the entire package: production value, storytelling, and fantastic acting.  I would concede to American Horror Story, which while I cannot view something so disturbing, I know is a leap forward for genre television. Plus we could all worship at the Connie Britton altar more, yes?

Best Actor in a Drama Nominees: Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Kelsey Grammar, Jeremy Irons, and Damian Lewis. My vote goes to Kelsey Grammar; from what I’ve seen in clips, his performance on Boss as a terminally ill mayor of Chicago is nothing short of brilliant.  The Globe will probably go to Cranston, since people cannot stop raving about Breaking Bad.

Best Actress in a Drama Nominees: Claire Danes, Mirielle Enos, Julianna Margulies, Madeleine Stowe, and Callie Thorne.  To which I say: WHO? WHAT? Have not seen any of these performances, so I will go with my default choice of Claire Danes, queen of My So-Called Life. I hear Mirielle Enos is quite excellent on The Killing, however, and might take the statue.

Best Comedy/Musical Nominees: Enlighted, Episodes, Glee, Modern Family, New Girl.  This category saddens me greatly.  No Big Bang Theory? No 30 Rock? No Community?  I abstain out of anger. We all know Modern Family will get it, if the Emmys are any indication.

Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical: Alec Baldwin, David Duchovny, Johnny Galecki, Thomas Jane, and Matt LeBlanc. Now we’re talking! Why is it that none of the shows in this category, save Matt LeBlanc (really? Joey?) are represented above?  Oh right! Because that category is the opposite of this one!  This one rules. I don’t know who to vote for!  Me and David D go way back, and Californication is brilliant, bad fun. But I need to root for my Big Bang boy Johnny Galecki as well; he deserves some Globe love for anchoring Big Bang.  I will be happy if either wins, and both have a great shot!  I would even allow Alec Baldwin to edge past, but Thomas Jane?  His show is about his man parts. Literally.

Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical: Laura Dern, Zooey Deschanel, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Laura Linney.  I vote Amy Poehler – it’s about time, she’s hysterical and Miss Tina already needs a separate wing in her house to hold all her awards. And I love Zooey, but she needs to prove herself beyond 6 or so episodes. Wait your turn, new girl, and it will come!

For all the miniseries categories, let’s assume Kate Winslet/Mildred Pierce and Dame Maggie Smith/Downton Abbey will take everything in one form or another. Woe betide everyone else in Foreign Press darling Ms. Winslet’s category. They’re gonna lose.

The Globes air this coming Sunday at 8pm on NBC, with the pre-show red carpet fashion fun starting at 7pm. Hosting again is the delightfully naughty Ricky Gervais, so there are sure to be many laughs at the expense of our dearly beloved celebrities. Can’t wait!


        Ricky wants YOU to witness his scathing Globe performance!

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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