Fringe Update: Still Alive…For Now


Hello, Fridgsters!  It has been a mighty long time since I posted some Fringe content but y’all, I ain’t gonna lie: the last three episodes before the break sucked big time. ‘Novation’ brought us more shapeshifters and associated nonsense, ‘And Those We’ve Left Behind’ featured yet another mad scientist driven to ripping the space/time continuum due to his love for his wife, and ‘Wallflower’ featured an invisible genetic freak created by Massive Dynamic experiments who was killing people to steal their skin pigment (he only wanted to be seen! GET IT? shoot me.).  The only interesting tidbit in three hours worth of Fringe was that Nina is injecting Olivia with something, giving her headaches and causing her to forget things.  Does this include forgetting Peter?  Who knows!  I don’t think the Fringe writers are on top of things right now. No Red Vines for them.

But there is a tiny sliver of hope. Next week’s return from winter hiatus, ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been,’ looks mighty intriguing, and the brief summary includes all the right words: Peter takes a dangerous journey to the alternate universe to confront Walternate, while Olivia gets a visit from an Observer with an ominous prediction.  To which I say: FINALLY!!! AHHHH!!!!

Ahem. Perhaps the Observer’s ominous prediction is that he too reads Michael Ausiello’s TV insider blog, TV Line, and saw that Fringe is ‘a long shot‘ for renewal.  Sad, but not surprising at the moment.  You know I love me some Fringe (and especially some Peter!) but it needs to step up its game. Sticking with what makes it original (Over There, the secretive Nina Sharp/Massive Dynamic, Observer intrigue) will keep fans happy and maybe give them a shot in hell for another season.  Here’s hoping Peter finds out what’s going on from Walternate – wouldn’t it be something if Walternate softened up a bit to help his son return to the woman he loves?  That’s an episode I could get behind!

First episode back from the hiatus airs on Friday, January 13, on Fox.

Written by: Amy Imhoff

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