BioWare Introduces The Cast of Mass Effect 3

BioWare released a new trailer for the hotly-anticipated Mass Effect 3 today, revealing the all-star voice cast of the the trilogy’s finale. Many fan favorites are returning, such as Martin Sheen, Keith David, and Lance Henriksen , but newcomers Freddie Prinze, Jr. (as space Marine James Vega) and Jessica Chobot

Fringe Recap Combo: Enemy of My Enemy & Forced Perspective

Hello, Fringesters!  I’ve decided to combine the last two weeks of Fringe into one recap because the Glyph Code has deemed them linked: the glyphs from last week’s Enemy of My Enemy spelled out DEATH, and this week’s glyphs for Forced Perspective spelled out MARCH.  Death march.  Creepy, no?  My thoughts on these episodes and who exactly is marching toward their death shall commence right now!

Enemy of My Enemy was rife with the presence of David Robert Jones, who willingly allowed himself to be brought into Fringe Division custody.  He requested of Fauxlivia and Captin Lee to be taken to their leader – Broyles, of course, who is in on this whole thing with him. We also saw Broyles pumping a syringe full of some unknown, evil-looking yellow substance and heading down to the broom closet where Lincoln3 is being held. He was thankfully intercepted by Jones’ arrival at Fringe headquarters. I very much like Lincoln3, he is my favorite incarnation of this character.  Although he did get a little uppity with Peter, moodily reminding him that “I lost a partner!” Peter’s reply was emotionally charged and extremely annoyed: “I lost a UNIVERSE!” Damn straight, son. Peter wins the ‘my life sucks’ contest.  

After Jones proved to the Fringe team that he has a vast network of evildoers/shapeshifters at his disposal capable of harming the public (we saw a hospital ER be taken down by a gas-dispersing, flesh-melting bomb of some sort), the Fringe team let him go, albeit with a tracker implanted in his system. This plan was soon thwarted as Jones flung tracker-tagged money to a crowd during the lunch rush, and we saw Broyles staring at his black getaway car, allowing his escape. We get to see the team, from both sides of the Universe Bridge and poor timeline-less Peter, banding together to stop Jones. Their work pays off and they get to Mohonk Quarry in time for a shootout with Jones’ henchmen, but not in time to stop Jones from crossing back over with a truckload of that universe-hole-blowing substance.  We did get a cool visual of 3livia’s SUV with the front chopped off as she narrowly avoided the doorway closing on her.  Back at Fringe headquarters, Walternate had brought everyone from both sides together around one table to affirm the necessity of tracking down and stopping Jones and his merry band of shapeshifters, and this time they’ve got something he hadn’t counted on – Peter!

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Fringe Recap: Back to Where You’ve Never Been

Walter is at least wearing pants.

Greetings, Fringe fans!  Well, praise the Observers and bust out the Red Vines, Fringe is back and rocking once again!!  I knew they had it in them, you guys! Fringe’s return after the winter break, “Back to Where You’ve Never Been,” was nothing short of fantastic, as Peter and Lincoln Lee traveled Over There so he could seek out Walternate’s help getting back to the proper timeline.

The lack of a proper timeline was weighing heavily on Peter, who began the episode dreaming of his former family – there was our beloved Walter, shirtless and making pancakes in the kitchen, and Olivia coming downstairs with a morning kiss for Peter. There was a whole bit with him really wanting waffles but getting pancakes instead because the waffle maker was broken – symbolism! The machine is broken and it must be fixed so he can get back to his real waffles…I mean, family.  Peter tries to connect with Walter one last time, bringing him pastries, but in return Walter once more refuses, mournfully recounting his wife suicide after both Peters died. Way to make Peter feel like crap, yo. It’s not his fault! I am mad at this Walter. He’s even more of a stubborn bastard than usual.

Peter then headed to Olivia’s apartment, where she was taking some sick time to recover from her horrific ‘headache’ that we now know was brought on by Nina Sharp and whatever she is injecting Olivia with.  Peter wants across to the bridge between worlds, and Olivia is game, wanting to do some recon herself.  We get the interesting little tidbit that this Olivia, who I am calling 3livia from now on, can’t just cross over whenever she wants like ours can.  Is Nina suppressing her Cortexiphan abilities with those injections? That’s my guess!

After acquiring Walter’s universe portal, Peter, 3livia, and Lincoln3 head to the Orpheum theater, that known ‘soft spot’. Good to see you again, Orpheum!

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“Powers” Pilot Not Picked Up

As we reported last year, FX greenlit a pilot based on Powers, a police procedural comic created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.  Last we heard, the series had cast its leads and shot the pilot episode, but we hadn’t heard anything since. However, during the TCA press

Golden Globes 2012: Disappointing & Predictable

Well, last night’s Golden Globes sure were a snooze-fest!  Ricky Gervais was hardly the bad boy of last year’s telecast, toning it way, way down no doubt at the request of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  He confined his insults largely to those not in attendance or to those stars

Golden Globe Predictions 2012!

The Golden Globes are nearly upon us, kicking off the 2012 award season with a salute to both movies and television.  I’ve always liked that about the Globes – unlike the Oscars, they are equal opportunity entertainment for both the big and small screens. Time for my predictions in the

Fringe Update: Still Alive…For Now

  Hello, Fridgsters!  It has been a mighty long time since I posted some Fringe content but y’all, I ain’t gonna lie: the last three episodes before the break sucked big time. ‘Novation’ brought us more shapeshifters and associated nonsense, ‘And Those We’ve Left Behind’ featured yet another mad scientist