Review: Batman-The Dark Knight #1

Batman is, by far, the most prolific character in the DCnU, appearing in at least 8 of the newly released titles, 3 of which bear his name.  As we close out September with the final week of #1s, The Caped Crusader finds time to make one more appearance before the

‘Arrested Development’ Headed Back to TV!

Halle-freaking-luia!  The Bluth family is reuniting, and Arrested Development is headed back to television! The 2006 cancellation of Arrested Development remains one of the biggest mistakes (arguably, of many) that Fox has ever made regarding its programming.  That may seem like hyperbole, but it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t

Review: Teen Titans #1

They might be on your lawn, but don’t yell at these damn kids.  The Teen Titans band together in the New 52, giving us a look at the other side of Scott Lobdell’s emerging crossover that kicked off with Superboy #1!  With core Titan members such as Starfire and Cyborg appearing in