Review: Superboy #1

DC’s favorite test tube baby is back! Superboy gets a cold restart in the New 52, but familiar elements from his brief history in the DCU are present right at the onset.  Gone is Project Cadmus, the super science outfit that endeavored to clone Superman after his death at the

63rd Annual Emmy Awards Reaction & Recap!

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards aired last night, and while there were a few surprises and fun moments in the telecast, a lot of the winners were easy to predict.  Jane Lynch made an enthusiastic and fun host, and I enjoyed her wry joke delivery and mocking of the evening’s nominees and presenters.  One surprise came just a few minutes into the telecast, as the pre-taped opening number saw Lynch paying a visit to the “president of television” – none other than Leonard Nimoy!  That was a great nod to the scifi legend.

The entire first half hour of the telecast was dominated by Modern Family, which picked up awards for Best Supporting Actor & Actress in a Comedy (on-screen spouses Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen) as well as Writing and Directing. The Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy winners were two of the night’s surprises!  None other than Jim Parsons, my beloved Sheldon Cooper, took home the statue.  He was adorably not prepared but thrilled nonetheless, as the Emmy favorite was thought to be Steve Carrell for his last season of work on The Office.  I’m not complaining, since I adore Parsons and he did win the Golden Globe earlier this year.  Three cheers for Sheldon, crown prince of the geeks!

Parsons’ award was presented by Charlie Sheen, who I was appalled to see on stage after everyone he offended in the past year.  The audience clearly felt the same, as no one applauded when he walked out. Sheen made an insincere apology to the cast of Two and a Half Men, and I stand by my statement that allowing him to present was poor taste indeed.

The best part of the evening came from the fantastic ladies nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy.  They had a clearly-planned Miss America riff, as Amy Poehler burst from her seat the moment her name was announced and frolicked up on stage.  The rest of the ladies in the category followed suit, and it was a treat to see the women in this powerhouse category rooting for one another.  Melissa McCarthy won for her work on Mike & Mollie, which I now need to start watching.  I loved her in her Gilmore Girls days, and of course she stole the show in Bridesmaids earlier this year.  She was so thrilled to win, it was great!

Read on for more of Amy’s take on the evening of Emmys!

DC Universe Online Going Free-to-Play

Only seven months have passed since the game was first released, but, in a somewhat surprising move (at least to me), Sony Online Entertainment announced that their acclaimed superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, is going free to play next month on both the PS3 and the PC. In order to

Review: Batman & Robin #1

You like Batman, right?  DC sure hopes you do.  Of the 27 #1s that have been released in the last 3 weeks, 5 have been Bat-books, and there are still more on the way.  Alongside Batwoman #1, Batman & Robin #1 debuted this week, finally teaming Bruce Wayne with his

Review: Batwoman #1

Batwoman: the black sheep of the Bat-Family.  No, not the character, the book. Batwoman is a DC heroine who dates back to 1956, when the original Kathy Kane debuted in Detective Comics #233 as a means to dispel the rumors of a homosexual relationship between Batman & Robin.  Nearly three decades later,

Review: Green Lantern #1

The Green Light of Willpower continues to shine in the galaxy. To counter the lukewarm debut of Red Lanterns, Green Lantern #1 hit shelves this week, launching the latest chapter in the history of the intergalactic police force.  Like a handful of other DCnU #1s, GL#1 picks up exactly where

Review: Red Lanterns #1

Red Lanterns #1 is the solo debut for Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps, but does this anger management class gone wrong deserve its own book? Read on, Fridge Rummagers! Red Lanterns explodes out of the gate with a wonderful sequence featuring everyone’s favorite Red Lantern, Dex-Starr! The ferocious feline

Review: Pigs #1

Have you ever bought a comic just because of the cover? I did just that today with Pigs #1. Pigs #1 is a new Image Comics ongoing series co-written by Nate Cosby and Ben McCool. Nate Cosby is a former Marvel Comics editor gone freelance, and Ben McCool is an

Review: Swamp Thing #1

The Champion and Protector of the Earth has risen.  And he’s kinda pissed. But first, let’s go back for a second…  Brightest Day, the 25-issue follow-up to the immensely popular Blackest Night, featured some intriguing character arcs and a fair share of memorable moments.  However, upon reaching its conclusion, it

Review: Green Arrow #1

“I have a lot of toys.  But I don’t play games.”  A quote worthy of the Dark Knight.  Too bad he didn’t say it.  Instead, it was recently delivered by the character who has been called “Batman with a bow and arrow.” Unless you had Super, Bat, or Justice in your

Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

The first episode of Star Trek aired 45 years ago on this day!  I thought I would pop on the blog and wish it a happy one.  It is the longest, most joy-producing geek relationship in my life, after all!  I’ve been watching for 20 years now.  I could wax