Review: Superman #1

  After such an amazing debut by Grant Morrison in Action Comics #1, I was really looking forward to seeing this new Supes all grown up. The problem is that this new Superman is incredibly boring. George Perez is penning Superman in his self-titled book, and this was his chance

Review: The Flash #1

What happens when the fastest man alive trips? You hope he can get back up and keep on running. This week saw the authorial debut of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato in The Flash #1, and, boy, was it disappointing. The Flash is one of the retooled characters in the New

Fringe Recap: Neither Here Nor There

“Not from here? You mean, like, China?” -Lincoln Lee, you have much to learn

It’s that time again (finally): Fringe time!!!  The season premiere kicked off Fringe’s fourth season on Friday with the episode “Neither Here Nor There”.  This is an excellent title, as it describes my feelings on the episode and the way it dealt with the craziness that occurred in the season finale.  To briefly recap last season’s shenanigans in a language only Fringesters will understand: Walternate turned on the Machine Over Here from Over There, and Peter tried to stop the annihilation of our world by entering the Machine.  This led to his consciousness being sent forward in time to 2026, where he and Olivia are married, Walternate’s universe is destroyed (but not before he came Over Here) and our world is slowly disintegrating.  Walternate seeks his revenge for the death of his side by destroying Peter’s world – he shoots Olivia in the head and everyone is very, very sad. Our Walter then realizes who sent the pieces of the machine back in time – he did, and only Peter can stop him.  Oh goody, a paradox!  Peter’s consciousness brings him this knowledge in the present, and he changes history by bringing the two universes together, only to find himself erased from time in the process (booo!). Walter would have never crossed Over There to save Peter life as a boy/steal him away, causing the hatred from Walternate that wound up destroying Olivia.

Got all that?  Whew. 

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Review: Gears of War 3

Sera’s an uninhabitable wasteland now. Mutated beasts are ravaging what’s left of the human race. Things are really going straight to hell. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gears of War 3, the third part in the third-person shooter trilogy, comes to a major climax, and reviews all over the interwebs are heralding its praises.

Spoiler alert: this review will be no different.

Epic Games has finely crafted its signature cover-dependent, active-reloading game to both an art and a science. In a word: it’s incredible. Cooperative and competitive game types are better than ever, but the Campaign is — somehow — both the shining gem and the weak point of this trilogy’s swan song. It’s exciting, terrifying, and emotional, but it’s also not terribly satisfying when it’s over.

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Review: Nightwing #1

Dick Grayson has been called many things.  Acrobat. Boy Wonder. Batman.  But deep down, Dick prefers one moniker over all others – Nightwing.    With Bruce Wayne back in the picture, Dick has relinquished the cape and cowl, handed over Damian’s leash, and returned to his solo crime fighting career as

Review: Catwoman #1

Holy fan service, Batman!  DC’s most famous femme fatale has returned, but while Catwoman #1 takes off at top speed, this oversexed issue struggles to humanize DC’s favorite feline.  Starring in her own ongoing title for the first time since 2008, Selina Kyle begins this new chapter right where we expect

Review: Supergirl #1

The women of the DCU continue to make their mark on the New 52.  Crashing to Earth in Week 4 is Supergirl #1, a book that received a great deal of attention from fans when the first preview images were released in the summer.  Want to know why?  Read on!

Review: Birds of Prey #1

Never send a man to do a (super) woman’s job. Batgirl #1 and Batwoman #1 have already hit shelves, but the majority of the DCU’s leading ladies debut their new titles this week.  Leading the charge was, of course, Wonder Woman, the First Lady of comics, but she’s not the only one stepping into

Review: Wonder Woman #1

We’ve heard from Superman.  We’ve seen plenty of Batman.  This week, we finally catch up with DC’s First Lady, Wonder Woman.  Does she take her rightful place as member of the New 52’s DC Trinity, or does she fall as flat as her failed TV pilot? In Wonder Woman #1, writer Brian Azzarello

Review: Green Lantern Corps #1

We caught up with Hal Jordan and Sinestro last week in Green Lantern #1, but what’s going on with the rest of the Emerald Warriors? Like GL#1, Green Lantern Corps #1 picks up right after the events of War of the Green Lanterns.  Writer Peter J. Tomasi sticks around to continue chronicling the exploits of

New 52 Review: Batman #1

Scott Snyder has done it again. Batman #1 could very well be a perfect Batman book. How so, you ask? Read on! Snyder has a way with all things dark, creepy, and unnerving, which places him as a perfect writer for the Dark Knight. I have not read his Detective