SDCC 2011: Alison Haislip Being Awesome

Our Comic-Con interviews continue: this time with the super-mega-awesome Alison Haislip.

We caught up with Alison, the G4TV resident badass and The Voice‘s social media queen, on Thursday when we both hit the convention floor for the first time that weekend.

Alison talks G4, American Ninja Warrior, The Voice, and her stint as Jane Bond.  You know, I could write some color commentary about this, but you’re not reading this anymore, are you? You’ve skipped directly to the interview because you love Alison.  Well, I do too, and I’ll fight you for her.  Anyway, there’s a fun break in the middle while Chris Hardwick hijacks our interview and starts throwing stuff at Alison.  It was pretty awesome.

Anywho, thanks a billion, Alison!  We’ll catch you next year! (Hopefully sooner!)

Open the Fridge: We’re at the G4 booth, and we’re the envy of everyone we know — because we’re talking with the beyond lovely Alison Haislip. Alison, thank you for joining us.

Alison Haislip: Thank you!

OTF: We talk with you every year, so we know that you know how amazing this convention is. This year is no different. What have you seen here already that’s new and exciting?

AH: This is literally my first time on the convention floor — this very moment!

OTF: Same here!

AH: Yeah, for this interview. So I haven’t seen anything yet! I was hanging out with Hugh Jackman over at the parking lot at Petco [Park] because he was there promoting “Real Steel.” By the way, nicest dude in the world! We did a robot battle together. I won. I’m amazing.

OTF: Haha!

AH: Then I went over to Zach Levi’s Nerd HQ, where he’s doing his own little seperate Comic-Con for people who couldn’t get badges to [San Diego] Comic-Con. We just finished the “Friends of the Nerdolution” panel.

OTF: How’d it go?

AH: It was awesome! It was so fun! The fans are amazing. That’s what I love about Comic-Con: coming here and meeting all of these [gestures to the con floor] people. All of these people who tweet you, write on forums about you all year — you finally get to face them, and say, “Hey, you were a jerk on the forums! Thanks a lot!” No, it’s so fantastic. I love it here.

OTF: Yeah, the fans really make it. The energy coming off of this floor is incredible. The minute you walk by the convention center, you can just feel it.

AH: Right! And that’s the point – this is for the fans. I know there’s a whole ton of industry stuff that happens here. The studios come; deals are made. But it’s really about the fans and for the fans. I’m looking at amazing costumes, just looking around. It’s just awesome!

OTF: What are you guys doing for G4 to cover the event this year?

AH: Sooo many hours of live coverage. It’s Thursday right now, and X-Play is doing a live show from Comic-Con. Tomorrow, Attack of the Show does Comic-Con, and Saturday, we do four hours live from the floor. We’re all a part of it.

I’m actually really excited about it. I am going to part of the live show down here on the floor with the fans. So throughout the show, they’ll toss to me in the middle of the fans – talking, interacting, looking at cool costumes. Probably getting attacked by a zombie apocalypse, or something like that. But I’m really excited about that.

OTF: Of course, because if subject zero is going to be found anywhere, it’d be here.

AH: Exactly.

OTF: What are you looking forward to seeing the most this year? I know there’s a lot of Amazing Spider-Man stuff coming out. Ghost Rider. The Avengers. The whole DC reboot, of course. What are you looking forward to.

AH: I want to stalk Matt Smith from Doctor Who. That is my one mission here at Comic-Con!

OTF: Haha! The lady knows what she wants.

AH: Yeah! Chris Hardwick, who happens to be about 10 feet that way, got me addicted to the Doctor Who series…

OTF: Oh, we’ve seen your love develop on Twitter.

AH: Yeah, I tweet about it quite a lot. I watched all the way from the 2005 Chris Eccleston to the current series in about two months. So my brain is Doctor Who infected. So, yeah, meeting Matt Smith — I’ll be a fangirl at that point. I’m going to do the awkward, [sheepishly] “Can I get my picture taken with you? Can you, like, sign this?” So, that’s going to be my Comic-Con!

OTF: I have to agree. Doctor Who is a big destination this year for us — although it’s Karen Gillan that gets me a little hot under the collar…

AH: Whoo-hoo! Miss Amy Pond!

OTF: So this is your first time here on the floor… and I think Chris Hardwick is trying to hit you with something.


Chris Hardwick: [from his autograph signing table] What do you want, Alison?! I’m busy!

[Chris throws a light-up American Ninja Warrior button at Alison from his autograph signing table.]

AH: Oh, yeah! Look at this! It’s an American Ninja Warrior light-up button! Premiering July 31st, only on G4. I’m in it. Watch it.

OTF: Actually, you just got back from Japan, didn’t you?

AH: I did! I flew back from Japan Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning, came to Comic-Con. I told my producers that I was going to get SARS or something over there from just traveling so much and being exhausted, and just start the zombie apocalypse at Comic-Con. I was going to be patient zero.

OTF: Like we said, if subject zero could be anywhere, it’ll be at Comic-Con!

AH: Yep! I still have three more days to accomplish that. But, yeah, we had amazing American Ninja Warrior over there. It’s a fantastic season. I’m very excited for everybody to see it.

OTF: Actually, I had heard that American Ninja Warrior’s season finale will be…

AH: …on NBC! I know! Now that we merged and are all sister networks, American Ninja Warrior gets to go big time!

OTF: And, speaking of NBC, your work on The Voice

CH: [over the PA system] So for anyone standing inside the G4 booth, Alison Haislip is giving out free chocolate!

OTF: Bwahahaha!

CH: So find Alison Haislip. And all you have to say is, “WHERE IS MY FRIGGIN’ CHOCOLATE?!” And she will give you chocolate.

AH: Shit! Quick, Kelly [Susco, G4 publicist], chocolate! STAT!

OTF: I think this is the most awesome interview ever.

CH: Find her and say “Where is my friggin’ chocolate?” She loves giving it away.

AH: No, Chris, you got it backwards! They’re supposed to bring me chocolate!

CH: Oooooooooh!

AH: Yeah! Damn you, Hardwick!

OTF: I love how our interview was just hijacked by Chris Hardwick.

AH: I know, right? What were we talking about?

OTF: The Voice.

AH: The Voice!

OTF: You guys have done an amazing job this past season. You’re coming back for season 2, correct?

AH: Yes, we’re premiering in February after the Super Bowl. As long as there’s a Super Bowl. Please, let there be a Super Bowl.

They’re already auditioning for season two. We start shooting in October. We shoot blinds and battles before we premiere, and then we go live, I believe, at the end of March or beginning of April. It’s gonna be bigger, better, longer. Uh, uncut. Wasn’t that a South Park movie?

OTF: Yes, it was! +5 points for the reference.

AH: Haha! Yes, 5 points! But, yeah, there’ll be more people. The teams are going to be bigger. It’s not just going to be 8; they’re going to expand the teams. Same coaches though, and everyone’s really looking forward to it. I’m excited.

OTF: That sounds great. Recently, there were some photos released and posted on Jane Bond. They were, in a word, badass.

AH: Thanks!

OTF: How did that come about?

AH: Well, it was the guys at Elevendy, Dave [Cox] and Will [Wells] — it was their idea. They do this thing where they get these celebrities, they take a picture of them, and then put them in these crazy, awesome fantasy worlds. So they approached me, and they said, “We actually want to do a series with you called Jane Bond.” And I was like, “That is freaking brilliant!” I mean, I always wanted to be a Bond Girl, but now I get to be friggin’ James Bond himself. So I’m 008.

All of those shots were taken at my apartment, with a white background. And they create everything around it. It’s unbelievable; all those people [in the photo] are just created in there. One of my favorites is one where I’ve busted in and taken out all of these Russian guards, and I’m like, “Aww! I broke a nail!” The feminine side to Jane Bond. But, yeah, we just did them for fun and released them right before Comic-Con, as kind of an exclusive with Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist website. Just put out there for the fans.

OTF: Wow. They looked really fantastic.

AH: Thank you!

OTF: I never would have guessed they were shot in your apartment.

AH: Right! I know, right? That’s how incredible this company is. The one where I’m braced up against the bathroom stall, I’m actually kneeling in my doorway with my foot up against the door frame.

OTF: It looks like there’s a lot of great things coming up for you in the very near future. I can’t wait to see what G4 has in store to cover this convention this year.

AH: Yeah, me neither! So I’ll find it out with you!

OTF: All right, we’re in the same boat!

AH: Exactly! Although right now, I have to go find chocolate to give all of these people in this booth.

OTF: Of course, according to Chris Hardwick.

AH: Yeah.

OTF: And good luck meeting Matt Smith, as well.

AH: Oh, my gosh. Matt Smith: I’m coming for you. It’s going to be so awkward when I actually meet him, and he’s like, “Oh, my God, you’re the crazy blonde person that stalked me on Open the Fridge!”

OTF: Well, actually, we’re going to be meeting him on Sunday, so we’ll show him this interview!

AH: Put in a good word for me!

OTF: I will drop your name, like you wouldn’t believe.

AH: I like it!

OTF: Well, thank you for joining us, Alison. And, of course, I hope you have a great time here at the con.

AH: Thanks, you too!

We love you, Alison! Thanks so much!

Written by: Dwight Tejano

Dwight is the founder of Open the Fridge, which he started in 2008 and rebooted in 2010. Due to the nature of early adopting, his bank account is normally empty. He likes to sing in world-renown choruses to forget such things.

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