Movie Review: ‘The Hangover Part II’

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So, I saw The Hangover Part II last night at a midnight show. To say that my friends and I brought the average age in the theatre up by about 7 years would be modest– I have never seen so many emerging bros in one place at the same time. Bropocalypse.

I was apprehensive about this sequel to say the very least. I really enjoyed the first film; comedies just haven’t really hit for me in a good few years, so the 2009 original was refreshing and adventurous (with the exception of Ken Jeong, who I can’t STAND). My friends and I saw it at a midnight show, laughed until we cried, and generally had a great time. The Hangover did not rely on gross-out tactics for laughs, though it had some of those vaguely irritating “weird for the sake of being weird” jokes in the form of Zach Galifianakis’ character. Thankfully, they kept most of it at bay in the first movie, but this was not so in the sequel.

The Hangover Part II is actually almost identical to the first movie, which I was not surprised about, but it was still sort of puzzling. The writers REALLY could not come up with some more hilarious gags? Some of the “new” plot devices like the monkey are pretty funny, but overall pretty weak. They really failed to use Bangkok for anything other than a gag vehicle for ladyboys and filth. Galifianakis had some fantastic one-liners in the first flick but as he’s a more central character in this movie, something seemed a little off about some of his jokes; nothing he said really hit.

However, this was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating. It was pretty well-paced and entertaining, and I definitely was not bored at all. And I will watch Bradley Cooper do pretty much anything. I think what “made” the film for me was that I honestly love the characters, and it was cool to see them all onscreen together again. I sort of feel the same way about this flick as I do about Sex and the City 2; it’s a pretty abysmally awful movie at the end of the day, but I’m just glad to see the characters doing their thing again.

If you dug the first movie, The Hangover Part II is at the very least worth seeing! Though predictable, it absolutely had some great laughs.

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