Flashpoint #1 Review!

The much hyped Flashpoint event debuted this Wednesday, and our good friend Geoff Johns seems to have stumbled out of the gate on this one. Flashpoint #1 reads like a collected volume of all the pre-release hype we’ve seen over the past few months. Save for the last page, there wasn’t anything we already didn’t know thanks to the hype machine. But I have to say, that last page is a doozy. It was a big enough twist to give me hope for the rest of the series.

For those that have managed to avoid DC’s onslaught of Flashpoint hype, I think you’re in for a real treat.

Barry Allen has awoken into a world completely alien to the one from the day before. Certain heroes are nowhere to be seen, family members are alive who shouldn’t be, and you’ll never believe what Wonder Woman and Aquaman have been up to. Barry is on a mission to find out just what happened to his reality. The new setting has given Geoff Johns a great blank canvas where he can completely mess with everything we thought to be true about the DCU.

Andy Kubert’s art could be the best part about this issue. His pencils are wonderful and his new twist on Captain Marvel is absolutely brilliant. Sandra Hope’s inks and Alex Sinclair’s colors only add to the experience. There isn’t a whole lot of action but every frame is packed with tons of atmosphere and emotion. It is nothing short of stunning.

My only worry about Flashpoint is it’s scope. The checklist that is found within this issue is mind boggling. The month of June has 24 issues of new tie-ins alone! That’s almost $70 just to see what all of these new characters are all about, not to mention having to keep up with the DCU proper! I know Geoff Johns has said that to fully enjoy the series you only have to read the main series. but after seeing everything that’s changed, I seriously doubt that. Sure, all the major plot points will be in the main Flashpoint series, but what if I want to find out what’s been happening to Hal Jordan in this new world? or Booster? or Superman? I am excited to see what comes next in the world of Flashpoint, I just hope I don’t need to sell a kidney to get the full experience.

Written by: Sean Sorensen

This guy loves his comics; probably more than he should. We've heard his comic boxes have comic boxes! From Sweet Tooth to Thor to Central City, Sean reads them all and will let you know which ones you should be checking out!

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