PlayStation Network Revival This Week

As you’ve probably heard, there’s been a big commotion happening at Sony in recent weeks.

Since April 20, the PlayStation Network has fallen prey to severe attack, leaving PS3 owners unable to watch Netflix, to play online, or even, in some cases, to play offline.  User data was compromised, and, amidst all of this, Sony representatives have been uncomfortably silent during most of this process.

However, there finally seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, and your patience will be rewarded.

According to a press release, the PlayStation Network will begin the restoration process as early as this week.  The network will be slowly rebooted for all PSN users, with the restoration rollout divided by region and by service.  After reboot, the PS3 will undergo a forced software update, and you will be required to change your PSN password.

Also, frustrated gamers will be given a “welcome back” gift: free downloads of select content, 30 free days of PlayStation Plus, and 30 free days of Music Unlimited by Qriocity.

A good gesture, sure, but there has been a lot of bad blood boiling in Sony’s direction for a while now.  Some argue that it’s unlikely Sony will ever come back to the public’s good graces, and I’m not sure I disagree.

Written by: Dwight Tejano

Dwight is the founder of Open the Fridge, which he started in 2008 and rebooted in 2010. Due to the nature of early adopting, his bank account is normally empty. He likes to sing in world-renown choruses to forget such things.

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