‘Green Lantern’ WonderCon Footage!

At San Francisco’s currently-ongoing WonderCon, fans gathered in droves yesterday to catch a glimpse of June’s upcoming release of Green Lantern.

Moderated by the legendary Geoff Johns (writer of Blackest Night, Flash: Rebirth, and soon, Aquaman), the panel (featuring stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively) fielded questions from the crowd and treated the fans to a 9-minute taste of Hal Jordan’s creation story.  Thankfully, the WB saw fit to release part of that footage (an abridged part, unfortunately, but a part, nonetheless) to the masses who were unable to attend WonderCon this weekend.

[If this YouTube upload vanishes from the interwebs, you can watch the footage at iTunes here.]

The response to the footage has been overwhelmingly positive — going so far as to completely change the minds of those who have claimed to have been skeptical of the movie from the beginning.

I. cannot. wait.

Thankfully, the good people at Screen Team Media were able to catch the entire panel (sans footage) on his shaky cam.  Fun fact: Ryan Reynolds does super well when put on the spot, even when asked the dreaded and inevitable “Deadpool” question.  Check out the videos below:

“Green Lantern” WonderCon panel, Part 1 of 5

“Green Lantern” WonderCon panel, Part 2 of 5

“Green Lantern” WonderCon panel, Part 3 of 5

“Green Lantern” WonderCon panel, Part 4 of 5

“Green Lantern” WonderCon panel, Part 5 of 5

Green Lantern is slated for release on June 17, 2011.

Written by: Dwight Tejano

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