Fringe Recap: Prelude to a Finale

Friday’s Fringe was apropos to the holiday weekend that followed, what with all the Biblical imagery (flocks of sheep! swarms of locusts!) and the activation of a machine that could bring armageddon.  The episode’s title, “6:02AM”, referred to the time when Walternate switched on the Device Over Here all the way from Over There.  Peter and Olivia got to share a brief tranquil moment in bed (after a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed Walter offered to make Olivia breakfast – naked), where Olivia tells Peter that morning, with its infinite possibility, is her favorite part of the day.  As it is in TV, particularly scifi TV, happiness is short-lived and the team is summoned to the field where we saw those previously mentioned flocks of sheep and swarms of locusts and then informed about the Device via product-placement cell phone.  It’s clearly going to be one hell of a day.   Many fringe events were happening across the country, a response to Walternate’s activation of the device.  The fabric between our universes is tearing for good, with devastating repercussions. 

This episode was a lot of set up, sliding the pieces into place for what promises to be a great finale.  But we got some truly exceptional moments, notably from a scene in Walter’s office where he and Peter share a drink and chat about life, death, and destiny – you know, light stuff.  Walter mentions the Observer’s words from a previous episode: “Give me the keys and save the girl” and how they resonate in his and Peter’s relationship. It’s time for Walter to let go and give up parental control he wasn’t able to when his Peter died all those years ago.  But Peter is no longer a child, but a man who now needs to take his fate in his own hands.  Walter actually discussing this with Peter is a step forward for him, and it shows how their relationship has grown as Walter has grown personally.  His later monologue in the hospital chapel underscores the fear he’s been expressing these last few episodes, but he is no longer trying to actively stop Peter – a big leap forward for our favorite mad scientist.     

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‘Green Lantern’ WonderCon Footage!

UPDATED (4/3/2011): Embedded the new Green Lantern footage, and changed the panel videos after the jump with higher quality audio.

At San Francisco’s currently-ongoing WonderCon, fans gathered in droves yesterday to catch a glimpse of June’s upcoming release of Green Lantern.

Moderated by the legendary Geoff Johns (writer of Blackest Night, Flash: Rebirth, and soon, Aquaman), the panel (featuring stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively) fielded questions from the crowd and treated the fans to a 9-minute taste of Hal Jordan’s creation story.  Thankfully, the WB saw fit to release part of that footage (an abridged part, unfortunately, but a part, nonetheless) to the masses who were unable to attend WonderCon this weekend.

[If this YouTube upload vanishes from the interwebs, you can watch the footage at iTunes here.]

The response to the footage has been overwhelmingly positive — going so far as to completely change the minds of those who have claimed to have been skeptical of the movie from the beginning.

I. cannot. wait.

Green Lantern is slated for release on June 17, 2011.

The good people at Screen Team Media recorded the entirety of the panel for the YouTube masses to enjoy. Hit the jump for the videos!