Movie Review: ‘Take Me Home Tonight’

Photo Credit BSCreview.comWhen I went to see Take Me Home Tonight, I was really in the mood for a good, mindless comedy. I had spent that Sunday afternoon and evening traipsing all around Hoboken in the torrential sideways rain from hell, yearning for an escape for a couple of hours– and this movie provided exactly that.

The cast works well together, with Topher Grace as the lead and Dan Fogler as his bumbling sidekick. Anna Faris is Grace’s twin sister (yes, really) and Teresa Palmer is the love interest. The story is as simple as it gets; guy that was a loser in high school wants to snag the gorgeous popular high school crush, and a majority of the action goes down at one of those incredible blow-out houseparties you only see in movies. Throw in some completely outlandish Goldman Sachs-related lies from the guy to impress said girl, a bizarrely hilarious cameo from Demetri Martin, and a heap of cocaine and you’ve got yourself a movie. There are plenty of physical gags, some boobs, a fantastic soundtrack, grand theft auto, and tight dialogue with quick jokes. I also thoroughly enjoy when movies show completely consequence-free drug use. After all, this isn’t an after-school special here!

As old as the story is, there was something fresh about this flick. Each of the characters, though archetypes in every sense of the word, are strangely endearing. I was really rooting for Grace to win the girl! All of us “know” at least a few of the characters or background characters in Take Me Home Tonight. I was along for the ride and laughed the whole way, and have already recommended this flick to many friends. Go give it a whirl!

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