Brought to you by the letter F: ‘Fringe,’ Fridays, Fireflies, and First in Ratings

Fringe returned from its winter hiatus this past Friday, winning its time slot with nearly 5 million viewers and kicking off 2011 with one helluva episode guest-starring none other than Doc Brown himself, the inimitable Christopher Lloyd. It is great to see one of the few sci-fi shows on network TV performing well and continuing to set the writing/acting bar very high indeed.

Fringe has steadily impressed me, a notorious television snob, since it debuted in 2008. It has thankfully deviated from the freak-of-the-week X-Files vibe and morphed into one of the most original shows on television. Unique elements include Walter’s boundary-pushing inventions (don’t forget his recipe for the perfect strawberry milkshake), the fun little ways Over There differs from Over Here, the badass room with the typewriter, the red vs. blue color dichotomy (Walter’s glasses this week, hello!), the glyph code every commercial break, and the appearance of The Observer in every episode (whether he has lines or not) have allowed Fringe to create a mythos of its own. This week’s episode, “The Firefly,”showcased everything that is intriguing and fun about the show while furthering the mythology and giving fans something to talk about.

NBC Opts to Reboot Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s invisible jet may fly again after all! NBC, a network that originally passed on David E. Kelley’s proposed Wonder Woman TV series, has picked up the pilot from the prolific producer. The second chance was a result of the new regime change at NBC, due to the recent

A closer look at the new Spider-Man

MTV has revealed a new photo of the new Spider-Man costume for the reboot.  Check it out below! The previously released photo of Andrew Garfield sans mask gave us an indication that the suit would be different for the new film.  The photo, however, shows just how drastic some of

The Bat-Villains Rise

Warner Brothers has announced Christopher Nolan’s selections for the villains in The Dark Knight Rises.  Anne Hathaway has been chosen to portray Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, opposite Christian Bale in Nolan’s third and final Batman film.  With the departure of the Rachel Dawes character in the The Dark Knight, it

Review: The Green Hornet

2011, the year of the cinematic superhero, has begun with the release of The Green Hornet.  Having appeared in radio, television, and movie serials since the 1930s, this marks the feature film debut of the newspaper editor turned crime fighter.

As a fan of the character and his roots in radio in television, I had had some doubts about how this character would be adapted to the big screen, and how Seth Rogen, a man with a history of goofy comedies under his belt, would portray the role of white collar crime fighter, Britt Reid.  While it is not an achievement of cinematic gold, for a fan, the final product is an enjoyable popcorn movie, but still falls short in some respects.

Similar to the first Iron Man, the audience is introduced to an irresponsible protagonist with nothing but money, parties, and women on the brain.  You can guess where the story will go from there.  A life changing event prompts the main character to reexamine his life and then use the resources at his disposal to right society’s wrongs.  In this case, those resources include his recently deceased father’s wealth, and the combat and engineering skills of Asian mechanic, Kato, played by Taiwanese pop star, Jay Chou.

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New Look for Spidey

The first photo of Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-Man has arrived online!   First impression: I have to say I liked the original suit better.  It maintains the basic look of the classic costume, but definitely makes some changes.  The gloves jump out as the most noticeable difference. While

Chris Evans as Captain America!

After a long defrosting period, OTF is back for 2011!  And to kick off this new year in the Fridge, we have news and images from the cinematic world of Marvel. The first photo of Chris Evans in full Captain America costume has surfaced.  The photo appears in the latest