The Siege Is Over


With Siege #4, Marvel has brought to a close a seven year era in the Marvel Universe. Siege wraps up story threads that began way back with Avengers Disassembled in 2004, if you can believe it. It has been a long and dark time for our heroes in the Marvel universe. We saw death, disaster, betrayal, civil war, invasions, and worse. But that is all behind our heroes now: Enter the Heroic Age! 

Siege was an experiment in comic book event writing. Rather than have the usual seven to eight book structure most events have, Marvel chose to condense it all down into four action packed books. Did it work? Sort of.

My biggest complaint with most of Marvel’s events is that they seem to sag under their own weight. The story gets too big too fast and the writers can’t reign it in in time. Civil War was a perfect example of this. It had great potential, but in the end it just couldn’t deliver. With Siege, Marvel attempted to reign in the story from the start and give us a nice concise package. The problem was that it was just a bit too concise.

Siege had a lot of big stuff happening in it, some of it was world altering for a few characters. With only four books, no one had time to react to these world altering events. The fourth book faltered from this the most. The heroes’ fight with The Void was just plain silly. I am shocked that Bendis couldn’t come up with a better script for this fight. The “throw everything, including the kitchen sink” method makes for some nice looking panels, but it tends to leave the reader feeling cheated. This series would have benefited nicely from just one more book. It would have allowed for a more fleshed out climax and a cool down that would have allowed the readers and the characters to truly take in what had just occurred. Instead, we are just thrust right into the beginning of the Heroic Age.

I know I’m going pretty hard on Siege, but please understand this is out of love. I’m not going to lie, Bendis and Copiel made me yell out more than a few times over the course of this story. They provided us with some great fanboy fodder and wild action, there just wasn’t that much substance under it all. Would I recommend a newcomer read it? No. Siege was written for those of us who have kept at least loosely abreast of what has been going on in the Marvel Universe. I would recommend anyone just getting back into Marvel to wait and start with The Heroic Age, it will be much more accessible.

It’s been a wild 7 years Marvel, bring on The Heroic Age!

Written by: Sean Sorensen

This guy loves his comics; probably more than he should. We've heard his comic boxes have comic boxes! From Sweet Tooth to Thor to Central City, Sean reads them all and will let you know which ones you should be checking out!

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