Review: Secret Avengers #1

I wasn’t even going to buy this book. The team seemed cool, but I figured one Avengers book would be enough for me. This was all until I read an interview on io9 with Ed Brubaker, the writer for Secret Avengers. In the interview, Brubaker described a pulpy super spy

Review: Thor #610

Thor #610 brings us the fight I have been waiting for since the robot clone of Thor (Ragnarok) first came on the scene in Civil War: Thor vs. Ragnarok. This book is also Kieron Gillen’s final issue before Matt Fraction takes over next month. Gillen really wanted to go out

Review: Invincible Iron Man #26

In Invincible Iron Man #26, Matt Fraction continues to examine Tony Stark while he rebuilds his life, company, and reputation. This is more of a filler issue. Nothing earth shattering happens; there aren’t any great revelations, but it still is a wonderful issue. We get to learn a lot about

Review: Avengers #1

After nearly a decade of turmoil The Avengers are back to normal, mostly.  The big three of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America are back except Bucky Barnes is now the man behind the shield. Add Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye and you’ve got a hell of a team. I’m

Zombie Dice

“They’re coming for you, Barbara!” While at PAXEast, I had the pleasure of demoing this gem of a game. It was so much damned fun that I busted out some cash and requested, nay, demanded my very own shiny new set of Zombie Dice. That’s when I was told that

Back in Bat

Rule #1: No one stays dead in comics. Rule #2: The Hulk always has pants on.  But I’m getting ahead of myself… It wasn’t a huge surprise.  If you had the misfortune of reading Final Crisis, you know that Batman was presumed dead by the inhabitants of the DC universe,

Hellboy in Mexico (Or, a Drunken Blur)

What do you get when you combine a hefty dose of tequila, monster hunting luchadors, a demon turkey, and Hellboy? Aside from what I think happened at my bachelor party, you get one amazing Hellboy one-shot. Mike Mignola and Richard Corben team up once again to bring us a great

The Siege Is Over

 WARNING: THIS ARTICLE WILL CONTAIN SIEGE SPOILERS! With Siege #4, Marvel has brought to a close a seven year era in the Marvel Universe. Siege wraps up story threads that began way back with Avengers Disassembled in 2004, if you can believe it. It has been a long and dark

Another Mapathy Cure: “Resurgence” Arises

Activision ain’t gonna let their legal problems stop them from making money on Modern Warfare 2.  The company has announced that the second map pack, “Resurgence,” will be released on June 3rd. Containing five playable maps, “Resurgence,” like the first map pack, “Stimulus Package,” will have a limited period of

Four More MvC3 Characters Emerge

In a cover story in their newest issue, Game Informer Magazine reveals four more playable characters from the long overdue Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. On the Marvel side, Deadpool and Captain America join the previously revealed Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man.  For Capcom, Dante and Felicia