Another Week in Century City

Issue 2 of Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet comic is on the shelves.  Will it be flying off said shelves?  Difficult to say. Issue 1 left readers with some interesting questions.  What will prompt the Hornet to resurface?  How will Britt Jr. fill his dad’s shoes?  Who is the lady Kato

Blu-Ray Level Up

Even with the foreboding decline of physical media on the horizon, the tech geeks found a way to crank out more gigabytes from a Blu-Ray disc.  Announced by the Blu-Ray Disc Association, the new BD-XL and IH-BD discs can now hold up to 128 GB, as opposed to the now paltry

Finding News That’s Fit to Print

The problem with aggregating news stories on a day like today is that, well, everything (much like cake) is a lie. Still, though, some of the 4/1 pranks are pretty awesome.  Others just make my cry because they aren’t true.  And still others are just plain mean. I’ll do my