They Come From A Land Down Under

While Marvel continues to dangle potential casting calls in front of the fans, DC steps up and delivers some facts. 

Kiwi actors Taika Waititi and Temuera Morrison have joined the cast of Green Lantern, a film that is very dear to this fan’s heart.  That’s right folks, Jango Fett is in Green Lantern.  

According to, Waititi will be playing “the best friend of Hal Jordan.”  Now, I’m no expert…… but based on that vague description, I can surmise that Waititi will be playing Tom “Pieface” Kalmaku, the Inuit engineer employed by Ferris Aircraft.  In the comics, he is a friend to Hal Jordan, and is one of the few people who knows that he is Green Lantern.  Not a crucial character, but at least the writers are including established faces from the GL mythos.

Temuera Morrison, however, has a much more pivotal role to play in the film.  He has been given the all-important task of passing the power ring onto Mr. Jordan.  That’s right, fans!  Morrsion will play Abin Sur, Hal’s doomed predecessor.  Can’t wait to see the makeup job Morrison goes through to turn him into Space Sector 2814’s previous lawman.

With shooting to begin this week in New Orleans, it looks like all the major players are set and ready to go.

Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro) and is due in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Written by: Rob "T3K" Piontek

Rob is excited to be contributing to The Fridge. With one finger on the pulse of Marvel/DC and another on that of Hollywood's superhero franchises, no multi-issue arc or casting rumor is too small to report. When Rob opens The Fridge, the light inside shines green!

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