Activision Sinks to New Low

After the sacking of the two heads of Infinity Ward, one would figure the rest of the team would bail out and follow their fearless leaders. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to Kotaku, Activision is withholding royalty payments from the IW team in order to keep them at the company. Apparently, the folks over at Infinity Ward are paid much less than one might think. The trade off for the lower pay is the promise of substantial royalty payments. Normally, this would be a great gig, except now Lord Activision has all of Infinity Ward by their, ahem, wallets. Morale at IW is, understandably, pretty low.

I know none of California’s labor laws, but something tells me this must be covered in there somewhere. This whole situation just keeps getting uglier and uglier. If anything good is to come out of this mess, it will hopefully be that smaller developers will think twice before signing on with a company like Activision.

We will keep you updated as new info arises.

Written by: Sean Sorensen

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