Tron Legacy Trailer = Head A’splode

Bruce Boxlietner? Check. Light Bikes? Check. Hot chick from House (Olivia Wilde)? Check.  The world of Tron like we’ve never seen it before? Check.

This trailer is just packed with amazing. I only saw the original Tron a few years ago, so all of its wonder is still fresh in my head. For 1982, that movie was way ahead of its time. Yes, it may have looked goofy, but that style was just waiting for the technology to catch up.

And caught up it has. The whole visual aesthetic of the new Tron world just glistens with the kind of slickness that you might find on your new cellphone or Macbook. Even the music, which I desperately hope is how the score will sound, gives it that pseudo video game feel. I was immediately reminded of the Mass Effect scores while watching the trailer.

I now find my self asking only one question: Is it December 17th yet?

Let the countdown begin.



Written by: Sean Sorensen

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