Ubisoft Servers Were “Attacked”

In response to yesterday’s server fail, Ubisoft reported that their “servers were attacked which limited service from 2:30pm to 9pm Paris time” via their official Twitter account.

All servers (and, transitively, all games) are reported to be up and running as of right now.  They go on to say that “95% of players were not affected,” and the attacks “had the effect of blocking access requests of legitimate users.”  Many aren’t so quick to believe the official word, though, claiming that this seems more like spin than fact.

I admit, based on the rather vocal Ubisoft forum, I would have been willing to guess that more people were affected; it is no surprise, then, that, if this were a malicious attack, the culprits would want to attack the criticized DRM system.

What if it weren’t malicious, though?  Reports had been coming through that hackers had found their way through the DRM encryption, a claim that Ubisoft dismissed.  It’s feasible (albeit totally speculative on my part) to think that this could have just been one of the tests to see if the crack worked, in which case, well, it’s only a matter of time before it does.

Written by: Dwight Tejano

Dwight is the founder of Open the Fridge, which he started in 2008 and rebooted in 2010. Due to the nature of early adopting, his bank account is normally empty. He likes to sing in world-renown choruses to forget such things.

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