Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben

With great power comes great casting.   As the web of the Spider-Man reboot continues to be spun, the latest piece of news to come out is the announcement of veteran actor, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben.  Mr. Sheen joins Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans in the ever-growing

Concerning Hobbits

Bilbo! Bilbo! Bilbo Baggins! The bravest little Hobbit of them all! Not long after the confirmation of Peter Jackson as director, and the announcement of a February 2011 start date, the latest news concerning The Hobbit is the casting of the titular character, Bilbo Baggins.  British actor Martin Freeman (The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Beware My…Redesign?

Image source: DailyBlam.comBig news from the Green Lantern movie.  At the 2010 Spike Scream Awards on Saturday, fans got a look at the GL Power Battery that will appear in next’s year’s film. The Daily Blam features the photo of the battery, as well as images from the awards ceremony.  Actress

Rhys Ifans Goes Green

Earlier this week, it was announced that actor Rhys Ifans had joined the cast of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.  It was stated that he would play the film’s villain, but until today, that villain was unnamed.  According to TheWrap, the film’s villain is reported to be everyone’s favorite mutated scientist,

The Jackpot’s Been Hit

Peter Parker has his new Mary Jane Watson.  The latest piece of news to come out of the Spider-Man reboot is the “imminent” casting of Easy A star, Emma Stone.   Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Entertainment has immediate plans to offer the role to Stone.  She will star alongside Andrew

The NEW New Adventures of Wonder Woman

Sorry Xena, the original warrior princess may be looking to reclaim her status on TV. According to, a new television series featuring DC’s first lady is in the works, and the accomplished David E. Kelley is the brains behind the project.  Kelley is well-known for ventures into the worlds


It’s been a busy week for snooping photographers. On the heels of an Emma Frost sighting at Pinewood Studios, another Marvel film property has been spotted across the pond.  A motorcycle chase for Captain America: The First Avenger was shooting this week in the London countryside.  The Daily Mail has the

All Hail The Queen

The White Queen has been spotted on the set of the upcoming X-Men: First Class, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass). The exquisite January Jones (Mad Men) was photographed in full costume as Emma Frost at Pinewood Studios in England.  If you ask me, she was peeled right off the page.