PAX East Achievement GET!

What a weekend! More detailed posts will be coming soon but for now, I present, The Awesome List. Xbox 360 breakfast at the Msoft NERD (New England Research and Development) Center. Hands on with StarCraft 2 (Spoilers: It’s amazing) Hands on with the Microsoft Surface and the D&D tech demo.

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt Review

Mike Mignola may just be the greatest comic book writers of our generation. Volume 9 of his Hellboy series cements this into a certainty. The Wild Hunt collects the latest 8 issue arc of the same name and was nearly a year in the making. The Wild Hunt picks up

Activision Sinks to New Low

After the sacking of the two heads of Infinity Ward, one would figure the rest of the team would bail out and follow their fearless leaders. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to Kotaku, Activision is withholding royalty payments from the IW team in order to keep

Overdue Arrest!

Have you returned that copy of the Ramona Quimby you took out of the library 20 years ago? If not, you better hope you never get pulled over! Aaron Henson of Colorado decided to borrow House of Flying Daggers from his local Littleton library. He then moved and forgot that

NFL Mobile and NFL Redzone are coming to Verizon

Sorry, Sprint, you just got hosed. According to Engadget and PRNewswire, the NFL has announced a partnership with Verizon to bring NFL Mobile and the NFL RedZone to Verizon phones starting next month with live draft coverage. The draft coverage will include a live stream, on-demand NFL Network analysis, live

Tron Legacy Trailer = Head A’splode

Bruce Boxlietner? Check. Light Bikes? Check. Hot chick from House (Olivia Wilde)? Check.  The world of Tron like we’ve never seen it before? Check. This trailer is just packed with amazing. I only saw the original Tron a few years ago, so all of its wonder is still fresh in

Felicia Day In New Syfy Original Movie!

Syfy has cast Felicia Day in their new original movie Red. This will be third movie in Syfy’s line of children’s book re-imaginings, the first two being Tin Man and Alice. In this particular story, Day will play a decedent of the original Little Red Riding Hood. What’s the twist,

Did Someone Lose their Suitcase?

The new trailer for Iron Man 2 premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel. But thanks to the voodoo powers of Yahoo, we have it here for you in The Fridge! Enjoy!     Yes, that thud you all heard last night? That was the sound of every fanboy collapsing with