Game of Thrones Double Recap: “Dark Wings, Dark Words” & “Walk of Punishment”

Greetings, fans of Westeros! Welcome to my double recap of episodes two and three – “Dark Wings, Dark Words” and “Walk of Punishment”. I have to say, I felt that so little actually happened in episode two that it only warranted a short summary, not an entire post/recap. Not a ton of action in that one! Good thing episode three was really important – I’ll get to that craziness in just a minute. But first things first!

Episode 2: Dark Wings, Darks Words

Beyond the Wall

Poor old Samwell, still getting crap from his fellow Night’s Watch brethren. One asshat in particular is goading him on, pushing him around. The commander stands up for him, and tells the bully that Samwell is in his charge, and if anything happens to him, the commander will kill the bully. Glad Samwell still has someone grumpily looking out for him.

Only a brief glimpse of Jon Snow, Ygritte, and the wildlings – they are watching a warg, or person who can commune with animals and see what they see, with his eye white and blank. Jon has never seen a warg, and neither have we. That leads us to…

Bran & Littlest Stark, Hodor, and Tonks

…Bran and his whole ability to dream through the eyes of the wolves, and seeing the crow with the third eye mean he is also a warg. He is met in the forest by the adorable redheaded kid from Love Actually! He tells Bran he’s a warg too, and tells the group to follow him. There are several scenes of them trudging around the countryside talking. Hopefully something more interesting will occur there soon

In King’s Landing

Supposed queen-to-be Margaery and her grandma invite Sansa for tea, trying to figure out what the deal is with Joffrey. Sansa finally breaks under the women’s questioning and says he’s a monster. They only look a little worried, I suppose they feel Joffrey can be dealt with. Margaery ,meets with Joffrey later in his chambers and he shows her a new crossbow – it is all very suggestive and phallic. Margaery seems shrewd, I hope she will gain the upper hand with Joffrey soon – she seems well on her way already. We also see Tyrion making out with handmaiden/whore Shea. Same old, same old from these two.

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“Game of Thrones” Recap: Valar Dohaeris

Greetings, TV lovers! I am back from hibernation (which is ironic, since winter is coming) to bring you this season’s Game of Thrones recaps! There is a lot to keep track of in these crazy realms, so hopefully you are all caught up on seasons one and two, and ready for more political intrigue, new allegiances, and lots of dirty guys and gals in armor.

After the obligatory here-is-what-you-missed-while-you-were-hiding-under-a-rock recap of season 2, the premiere, entitled “Valar Dohaeris” allows us to relive Daenerys’ rage filled fire at her dragons’ warlock captures, and we heard them shrieking and ripping things to shreds. Score. Those blue-mouthed weirdos scare me.

Beyond the Wall:

Then there is fat friend, Samwell Tardy, running through the snow away from the white walkers. He is attacked by a zombie white walker, but Jon Snow’s wolf saves him! Huzzah. The Lord Commander, Mormont, helps out by lighting it on fire. We learn that poor hapless Samwell hasn’t sent out the ravens like he was supposed. Idiot. I still like him though!  I also like me some Jon Snow, and we catch up with him and Ygritte at the wildlings adopted ‘king’ who used to be a night’s watchman (aka Aberforth Dumbledore – Ciaran Hinds! Approve). Jon sees a giant hauling wood in the camp, a first for him and the viewers. Once faced with the not-king, Mance Rayder, Jon tells him about the white walkers and says he has come to fight and wonders if he has chosen a fighting side. This goes over well, and he is accepted.

In King’s Landing:

Cersei pays Tyrion a visit. He is still recovering from the battle and has a deep scar across much of his face. Cersei tries to weasel of out him why he was to meet with their father later that day. The two trade barbs but she doesn’t get any information. We soon discover that Tyrion wants to leave King’s Landing and take up residence in Casterly Rock, the Lannister ancestral castle/home. Since his older brother Jamie joined the king’s guard and gave up his inheritance, Tyrion insists it is his by right. Tywin thinks very differently, slandering Tyrion, his dwarf stature, his preference for wine and whores, the whole deal. Tyrion stomps off.

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10 Kick-Ass Women To Celebrate

Today is International Women’s Day! I thought we would celebrate here on OTF by focusing on some badass fictional women who have busted through gender stereotypes and given us real-life women someone to look up to when the patriarchy gets us down. Here are my top ten inspirational ladies brought to life on the big and small screens.

10. Lara Croft

First stepping in to video game consoles in 1996 and then brought to life by Angelina Jolie on the silver screen, Lara Croft is the female answer to Indiana Jones, except she’s far quicker on her feet than the professor, and has way cooler toys. Sporting her trademark double-holster guns, single braid, and steely glint in her eye, this is one female Brit who’s not so much high tea as she is high adventure. I admire Lara’s fighting spirit and the fearless way she dives headfirst into sticky situations. She’s also extremely well-read and knowledgeable about her field, a deft intelligence that comes through both in the video games and the films. She may get a somewhat antifeminist rap for her bosomy profile, but she is rarely dressed for anything other than speed and comfort, eschewing the impractical for cargo shorts, backpacks, and durable non-heeled boots.

Ed. note: the newest Tomb Raider just came out this past Tuesday, and, by all accounts, it’s pretty amazing! We’re still in the middle of our playthrough of this prequel, but we’ll be sure to address the game in the future.

9. Tami Taylor

How do I love thee, Connie Britton? Let me count the many ways. While “Mrs Coach” started out on Friday Night Lights as merely Coach Taylor’s stay-at-home support system, cooking up team BBQs and putting out disagreements among the Dillion Panther boosters with her hey-y’all smile and Southern Charm, by the end of the series she was running that school as principal (and her husband’s boss, no less!). The series finale sees the Taylor family helping Tami follow her dreams to a high-profile position at a university rather than her continuing to follow the whims of Texas football. She and Eric (Kyle Chandler) have one of the most realistic marriages I’ve ever seen portrayed on TV, and it is the backbone of this excellent show. We’re rooting for her strength and grace just as much as the state championship game.

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X-Files: Season 10! Coming To A Comic Store Near You!

Hold on to your flashlights and sunflower seeds, my X-Files brethren! Are you ready for this one? X-Files Season 10, a new comic book series straight from series creator Chris Carter is officially happening! Yesterday at Emerald City Comic Con, IDW Publishing and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products revealed their

Fringe Series Finale Recap: ‘Liberty’ and ‘An Enemy of Fate’

The time has come to say goodbyeFringe went out with a bang on Friday during a very emotional two hours. There was hugging, there was crying, there was universe hopping, and there were floating Observers.  Series finales are funny things. They bring extremely high expectations and there is quite a bit of pressure to make sure every character has a moment of joy or redemption and pay homage to all that has come before. I think that JH Wyman, Jeff Pinkner, the cast and the writers really succeeded in making these final two hours a love letter to what made Fringe great and innovative. No new territory was blazed, but that’s ok – all the trailblazing came before and this was just the bittersweet end.

This Liberty Island thing is a problemo, you guys

More of my thoughts later – let’s jump right in! We open on the Harvard lab, where the team is trying to figure out where the Observers are holding Michael (who allowed his tiny bald ass to be captured); September has disappeared for the moment and they don’t know how to get in touch. Olivia calls Broyles, who lies to a lieutenant and asks where Michael is; the dude tells him (“Are you suggesting I might be the Dove? I’m more of a raven, don’t you think? Lol black joke). It’s on Liberty Island! Hey, I know that place! It’s now the place where Michael makes Windmark’s nose bleed and his eye pop! Yeah! So much for interrogating ‘the anomaly‘, jerkface.

That’s right, asshat. I’ve seen this future, and you lose!

Broyles tells the team Michael is at Liberty (AHA! Episode title) Island, but due to the crazy security, it seems like they can’t get in. But Olivia has an idea. How about blipping Over There, going to LI, blip back here and get Michael, blip back Over There and go to another location, and blip back here with Michael? Not complex at all!  This will require lots of Cortexiphan – enough for four crossings.

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The Essential Fringe

One more day until the Fringe series finale, and when we bid a fond and teary farewell to our intrepid team. I must admit, I am quite saddened by the prospect of not seeing the gang in action any longer. Not to mention in action as more than one version of themselves! Fringe remains an innovative show with tons of heart, and like so much excellent TV that came before it, is really a story about love. Father/son love, soulmate love, friend love and deep loyalty, and love of our world. 

Likes any series, Fringe had its moments of wandering and, I think, was one of those that was truly hampered by non-progressive network politics. It didn’t really come into its own until season two, but definitely gave us tantalizing glimpses into its true nature from the get-go. If you are late to Fringe, or if you want to go back and get the larger picture (or see the writers connecting the dots earlier than you ever thought) after what is sure to be an explosive and dizzying series finale, here is a list of the essential Fringe episodes you must watch to truly know the series as a whole. It ain’t a short list, but it’s a thorough one. Let’s get crackin!

The Fringe team: more awesome than you

Season 1

Pilot – duh. Just watch it.

The Arrival – this is the first episode focused on September, our lovely bald Observer friend! We discover some quirks about these odd trenchcoated lurkers, and we see that Walter protecting the cylinder and meeting with September.

Typical Walter – one hand in a corpse and the other holding a Red Vine

In Which We Meet Dr. Jones – the title says it all, and we see David Robert Jones, as visited in a Frankfurt jail by Olivia. Walter and Peter communicate with a dead guy to give Dr. Jones information. 

The Dreamscape – aka the butterfly episode. We get more information on the subtle and mysterious workings of Massive Dynamic, and we begin to see the power of Olivia’s mind.

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Fringe Recap: The Boy Must Live

Holy jumping Red Vines, you guys! The end is here – part 1, anyway, and was it ridiculously awesome or what???!!! Part one of the three-hour Fringe finale, The Boy Must Live, aired on Friday and delighted fans with answers received, plans set in motion, and lots and lots of September/Donald! I was super excited and happy to see our main Observer squeeze, Michael Cerveris, back in action as this layered and intriguing character. I hope Cerveris hops on the convention circuit one day, because I need to give him a hug. He has always given an inspired performance, but this week’s was masterful. So much happened, I barely know where to start – but Walter, naked in the deprivation tank, seems like the place.

While in the tank (after an exasperated Olivia finds out he’s removed his boxers in order to “be free”), Walter visits Donald/September’s apartment in his mind’s eye. He looks out the window – they are looking at the New York City skyline, and are under a bridge. The Williamsburg bridge, to be precise. The team rapidly warps from the lab to the city (how do they do that? No I-95 corridor of wretched traffic in the future, I suppose?), and outside the apartment, Peter and Walter have a lovely father-son moment, and I get something in my eye! Walter says that when Michael the child Observer touched him, he not only provided lost memories of the recent past, but all of Walter’s memories of the previous Peter-filled timeline (Peter springing him from St. Claire’s, the Machine, September saving them from drowning in Reiden Lake), PLUS he healed Walter’s brain of its insidious Walternate tendencies of pride and cruelty. Yay! We have our old Walter back!  This should have happened six episodes ago. Harrumph. Although Walter still does not remember the Plan, of course. Why should he. But there are adorable hugs and face squishes all around, and Peter calls him Dad, and I love Peter and Walter, and will sorely miss them when the last glyph hits the screen on Friday.

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Fringe Recap: Anomaly XB-6783746

Happy third-to-last Fringe Friday, everyone! I have returned from holiday hiatus with the recap of the December 21 episode of Fringe, Anomaly XB blah blah blah. Like anyone is supposed to remember that number. Anyway, it was an epic, crazy, sad, intense hour of television and we actually got…wait for it…answers! They weren’t super specific, but they were provocative and tantalizing. We also lost a highly beloved member of our Fringe family, which I was sad to see go but felt it was a good death for the cause. Read on for the insanity!

The first order of business is to pour one out for Nina Sharp, badass and HBIC (head bitch in charge), who loved our team and fought for their cause so staunchly that she took her own life to protect them and the Child Observer, Michael. I have always enjoyed Nina, and Blair Brown’s portrayal of her has been mysterious and masterful over these five seasons. She both helped and hindered the Fringe division over the years, and was always more on their side than not (except when her evil twin was holding Olivia hostage). She loved William Bell and he left her with his most prized secrets. We were initially not sure if we could trust Nina, but in this last season she’s been a touchstone of twenty years gone by, and a link to the old spirit of Fringe in this unfamiliar landscape of 2036. We’ll get to the circumstances around her death momentarily, but respect had to be paid. I’ll miss ya, Nina, and I’m glad you died a noble death. I definitely shed a tear for her during the episode, and her death stuck with me for a few days, which is the norm for me personally when one of my favorite shows offs an excellent character I enjoy.

What brought us there? Tiny Observer, of course! Michael was having a hard time communicating with the Fringe team. They tried to have him write down his thoughts, with Olivia has his emotional compass. Fail. Walter, moving ever-closer to his prideful agitated self, suggested putting him in a coma, which Olivia and Peter squashed. Dude, if I were that kid I’d be outta there if I heard these weirdoes suggesting comas! Thankfully, they hit up Nina Sharp and her ever-accessible Massive D tech. She directed them to a black lab hidden on the outskirts of town that would have the equipment they needed. The lab was pretty cool! Where was this thing hiding all season? Sheesh.

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Fringe Recap: Black Blotter

And then there were four. Fringe episodes left, that is! But also four Fringe team members, if we are thinking that way, and there are also four lights (holla at my Trek homies). Friday’s outing, “Black Blotter,” was pretty much one giant acid trip courtesy of Walter.  Who else would

Fringe Recap: The Human Kind

Fringe homies!  Did you know that there are only five episodes left???  That gives me a sad in my strawberry-flavored heart. Last week’s episode, “The Human Kind,” marked the second half of this final season and really ramped up the action!  Personally, I thought this episode could have happened earlier,

Review: Trek Nation [Movie Monday]

Today’s Movie Monday entry is for every Star Trek fan out there — and considering our audience, you’re probably one of them.  Go where no man has gone before in Rod Roddenberry’s “Trek Nation.” As any student of pop culture knows, Star Trek is a staple. It’s actors, catchphrases, and

Fringe Recap: Five Twenty Ten

I am back, Fringe fans, after a brief hiatus involving my birthday, Thanksgiving travel, lots of pathetic sniffling and cough medicine Walter would approve of for it’s hallucinagenic properties. I know you are all thrilled! So, after last time’s disappointing outing in the pocket universe, this week’s episode, “Five Twenty Ten,” was a nice return to Fringe badassery of days of yore. Too bad it all has to come at the expense of the Peter that I know and love so much.

Scary and Observer-y, but still smokin’ hot

Yes, Peter is pretty much becoming an Observer, y’all.  We saw it happening the last couple eps but it’s still disturbing to watch him tilt his head, looking beyond what in front of him into the infinite timelines of possibility. His newfound abilities are helpful in the fight to save the world, however, since he manages to deliver quite a blow to the Bald Regime! He manages to swap briefcases with one of the Observers, a close lieutenant to Windmark named Mueller. The new briefcase contains a biological weapon that is timed to detonate just as Mueller and two more of Windmark’s top lieutenants meet up in an office building in Manhattan. The bomb releases the same flesh-melting toxin we saw in the Fringe pilot, and they quickly die horrible deaths. Peter gets word from fellow Resistance fighter Anil that all has gone to plan, and he looks up at a picture of Etta on the side of a building, smiling a creepy but satisfied smile at his revenge.  Yes, it was cool! But also scary. Peter is no longer the Peter we rooted for all these seasons. Instead, this is a wounded, scarred, and hardened Peter who is becoming like the robotic Observer overlords that are destroying Earth.  The irony is, this may be the only way to beat them at their own game. They are kind of like the Borg – they just keep coming, relentless, and sometimes the only way to take them down is to become assimilated and take them out from within.

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