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Welcome to Open the Fridge v. 3.0!

Welcome to all-new Open The Fridge. If you recognize the name from its earliest version – as a Blogspot-hosted blog- then you’re awesome! (Although we suppose that you’re probably still pretty great, even if you’re visiting us for the first time.)

Originally started in 2008 by Dwight Tejano, Open the Fridge was just another Blogspot blog where one man saw fit to shed a little of his insight on the world of video games. After a brief hiatus during that time period known as “college,” Dwight re-opened the Fridge (see what I did there?) in full force with a few friends at his side to be this little slice of awesome you see today.

Since the reboot, Open the Fridge has evolved into a website of which everyone here is amazingly proud. OTF has developed a reputation for its straightforward, fan-centric viewpoint on the worlds of electronic gaming, comics, television, movies, and pop culture. Because of that, we’ve sustained a growing, loyal fanbase, serving about >20,000 uniques/month, and we’ve reveled in every minute of it.

In an effort to try to expand more original content for you to enjoy, we’ve started hosting the Fridgecast, a podcast where geeks let their geek flag fly, and started writing original editorials and the occasional column, like OBJECTION! to discuss how the rule of law has affect our nerd world. As always, we’re looking to do more; so if you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Fridge is kept nice and frosty for the sweltering environment that is the internet. We’re here for your midnight snack. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name “Open the Fridge” come from?

Dwight shared a suite with two friends during his Junior year in college. One night, in some sake-induced stupor, his suitemate Lok wandered over to Dwight’s side of the suite when he wasn’t around in order to steal his food. When he opened the fridge, he proudly declared: “I FOUND THE INTERNET! IT’S IN DWIGHT’S FRIDGE!” Since then, “The Fridge” became the mythical place where anything can be found and “opening The Fridge” was the act of finding that thing.

I’ve been in the mood recently to listen to people jabber on about things I care about.

That’s not a question, but I have a suggestion: plug the Fridgecast into your earholes and see what happens.

I’d like to contact you guys about something cool I found. Where can I do that?

Our email form is a viable option. If you’re medically allergic to filling out forms on the internet, you can shoot a general email to contact -at- openthefridge -dot- net. If you want to contact any of our contributors directly, you can email them directly at their email addresses that can be found below.

I’m a (representative of) publisher/developer/content producer. Would you be interested in reviewing or setting up an interview/giveaway/other such promotion to promote our product?

You bet! We love tinkering with new games and tech, and we love consuming new books and media. We will strive to accommodate all requests, so please feel free to contact us! (However, at the time of this writing, we’re already backed up on two book reviews and an app review, so we may not get to everything. We’ll definitely try let you know upfront if our schedule is too time consuming to accommodate your request. We’re only a small group of nerds, after all, but we’ll definitely try!)

I’m an advertiser, and I’d like to discuss ad placement on your website.

Great! We love to talk business, especially when lunch is involved (hint, hint). To give you a rough overview, Open the Fridge is Google PageRank 3 and we usually net around 40,000+ monthly page views with a 20,000+ monthly unique reach, trending upward Our audience is firmly within the 18-45, gender-agnostic, nerd demographic, which informs our tendencies to get traffic spikes around our convention coverage (notably, San Diego Comic Con in July and New York Comic Con in October.)

All website advertising space can be fit to your needs (leaderboard, sidebar squares.) Additionally, our podcast is available for sponsorship. Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss all options.

Legal Information

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