Review: The Star Wars #2

We’re returning to a galaxy even farther away than usual, where beards are in and everyone has a lightsaber. Issue #2 of Dark Horse Comics’s limited series The Star Wars lands this weeks, continuing the untold story from George Lucas’s original rough-draft screenplay. This week we get straight to the action,

Comic Event Review: “Infinity,” Part 2

Six issues down with ten to go, and “Infinity” just keeps on impressing. Part 2 of Hickman’s epic is a pretty heavy gut punch. There are plenty of revelations, tragedies, and fist pumping moments to go around — so let’s dive in and break this all down!

Infinity #2

Infinity #2 starts with a little vignette on The Peak, S.W.O.R.D.’s orbital defense station. It’s a neat little piece that lets us see Abigail Brand (A new favorite of mine!) kicking some ass and realizing just how big of a hole the Earth has found itself in.

Before getting into the story proper, Hickman provides us with a brief recap of the invasion that was depicted in New Avengers #9. Normally, recaps like this drag a book down, but this one was actually helpful: it helped me understand that Dr. Strange wasn’t resisting the poisonous words of Ebony Maw, but was actually falling under his thrall, so thanks for that Mr. Hickman!

Things start to pick up when Corvus Glaive confronts Black Bolt on his throne. I wish there were a word for “pure evil swagger” because Corvus Glaive has all of it. He and his entourage march up to Black Bolt’s throne, demand the heads of all Inhuman children between the ages of 16 and 22, and then threaten to destroy them all unless they give Thanos his “tribute” (mic drop.) Medusa tries to fight back, but her threats fall on deaf ears and empty veins. As a show of their might and fearlessness, Glaive has his escort kill themselves to show the Inhumans that death is not a threat worthy to them. The best part of this sequence was the look on Maximus’ (Black Bolt’s crazy mostly evil half brother) face. Everyone stares in horror while he rocks the ‘holy shit that was awesome!” look. Corvus Glaive did make one miscalculation: one does not $%&@ with Black Bolt.

Hickman changes gears, bringing us to Shi’ar flagship Lilandra in orbit above Whaan Prime along with a portion of the remaining galactic fleet. Cap and the rest of the Avengers that managed to escape the defeat at The Corridor barely get a minute to breathe before they are beset by more Builder ships. (This sequence reminded me of that BSG episode where the Cylons attack every 33 minutes.) They are broken and beaten, but still they fight on.

While Cap, Gladiator, and the other Avengers battle the Builders, we are treated to an interesting study of Ex Nihilo. Hickman begins to peel some of the layers back on this very strange and enigmatic character, and what is being revealed is a surprisingly human and somber creature. He was created to bring life, yet those who created him are hellbent on ending life. It’s a wonderful conflict brought into sharp focus when the small Builder force, accompanied by another Ex Nihilo named Jerran Ko, is defeated. In defeat, his Aleph orders him to commit suicide upon Whaan Prime. His death unleashes a plague that quickly sweeps the planet, extinguishing any remaining life on the plane. God bless artist Jerome Opena providing the perfect look of abject horror and then solemn mourning for Ex Nihilo. I look forward to more from this very interesting character!

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