The Doctor & Captain Picard: Together At Last!

We came close when David Tennant and Patrick Stewart appeared in the RSC’s latest version of Hamlet, but this time it’s for real. Comic publisher IDW has announced an 8-issue mini-series entitled Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2, which will bring together two of sci-fi’s heaviest hitters, The Doctor

Fringe Recap: Welcome to Westfield; Exciting Casting News!

Peter, 3livia, and Walter really took a page out of the old X-Files/Stephen King/Lost handbook with Friday’s episode “Welcome to Westfield.” Mostly due to Walter’s all-consuming need for pie, they stopped in the small town of Westfield, Vermont, discovered that the residents were extremely zombie-like, and then couldn’t leave because the road kept going in circles. Yikes!  However will our intrepid agents get out of this one?

The Observer watches the plane go down, Lost-style

It’s all about the universes colliding, of course.  The show began with cars stopped dead on the highway and an airplane being pulled off course and crashing (hello, Lost reference) due to an electromagnetic pulse (I see you, Island) in this sideways-timeline that Peter has found himself in (SO MUCH LOST). Peter and Olivia ‘shippers also got a little action thanks to 3livia’s blue-hued sex dream. Thanks for the shirtless Peter, Fringe writers!  You know what I like. After a brief scene in the lab, where Walter was concocting cinnamon-bun-flavored breakfast vodka or somesuch, the agents were summoned to plane crash central to check it out. Walter met them on the scene, out of the lab and breathing the free air at last! How thankful are we?  I missed in-the-field-Walter, poking and prodding the evidence amidst his food hankerings, which only got everyone in trouble this time.  The all-night diner was run by a nice, then violent, then nice, then batshit insane dude whose eyeballs sported two irises by the time Peter and 3livia subdued him. (And really, it was Olivia who shot him, saving the menfolk. How very Mulder and Scully – Mulder was always getting the beatdown and Scully was always stepping in to save the day. But I digress.) He almost went to town on poor Walter there, who only wanted his rhubarb pie. Peter had also found an injured man in the diner’s walk-in freezer, who was one of the few townsfolk immune to the zombie apocalypse that had turned the rest of the town’s inhabitants crazy just like the diner owner. The remaining, unaffected people were holed up at the high school.

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Fringe Recap: Making Angels

Fringe fans finally got to see an Astrid-centric episode on Friday, with “Making Angels” showcasing Jasika Nicole’s impressive range and providing us with some very touching scenes between Astrid3 and her Asperger’s-afflicted counterpart from Over There.  The rest of the episode even gave us some Observer goodness as a brilliant and troubled mathematician got hold of September’s future-sensing technology and used it to euthanize those doomed to suffer.

Walter3 was full of amusing one-liners in this episode, and really seemed more like the Walter we’ve come to know and love (and miss!).  He was rather amicably working with Peter in the lab, but as usual was distracted by thoughts of taking a food break. When Peter shot down the idea of yet another snack run, Walter scoffed that “the other boy” – meaning Lincoln3 – doesn’t starve him and lets him play chess.  Yes, Walter. You clearly look like you are starving!  This little scene was interrupted by the arrival of Astrid from Over There (who I really want to call Asperger-Astrid, or AA, is that too mean?); she granted herself access to the Bridge and came to meet her other self. We find out later that she is grieving the death of her father, having attended his funeral that morning. Astrid3 treats her very kindly, and helps AA sort out her complicated feelings for her father and her struggle with wanting to be more normal.

Doomed mathematician, Neil, was wandering about Boston taking people out with a chemical that hadn’t actually been invented yet, but was very close to the ‘Tears of Ra’ that ancient Egyptians used to euthanize beloved pets whose owners predeceased them (those ancient Egyptians were just real nice, weren’t they?).

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