The Jackpot’s Been Hit

Peter Parker has his new Mary Jane Watson.  The latest piece of news to come out of the Spider-Man reboot is the “imminent” casting of Easy A star, Emma Stone.   Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Entertainment has immediate plans to offer the role to Stone.  She will star alongside Andrew

The NEW New Adventures of Wonder Woman

Sorry Xena, the original warrior princess may be looking to reclaim her status on TV. According to, a new television series featuring DC’s first lady is in the works, and the accomplished David E. Kelley is the brains behind the project.  Kelley is well-known for ventures into the worlds

‘Scott Pilgrim’ Gets Knives Chau

In a flurry of excitement (at least for me,) Ubisoft has released details of upcoming DLC for its retro beat-’em-up, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game.  Clocking in at a measly $2, the content will add Knives Chau to the fray, and add a slew of welcome new features

Interrogate Your Enemies in ‘Arkham City’

The Riddler’s puzzles in Batman: Arkham Asylum caused for more than a few hours of mystery-lovin’ enjoyment and a few more hours of lining up question marks. Rocksteady Studios has something a little more fun in store for the Riddler’s game when players get their hands on Batman: Arkham City